Align your body. Awaken your heart.

Ann and Todd teachingAshaya (AH-shy-ah) is a Sanskrit word that means, “abode of the heart.” The word also refers to the heart as a place of refuge, a sanctuary of the deepest aspects of the Self. Like a safe haven within, it is a protective harbor where we anchor the most treasured parts of the Self.

Ashaya Yoga® blends therapeutic alignment techniques and positive heart virtues with the empowering teachings of Tantra philosophy. This transformational yoga of body, mind, and heart not only supports the deepening of your yoga practice, but serves as a tangible means of developing the capacity to meet life’s challenges off the mat with poise and equanimity.

The mission of Ashaya Yoga® is to serve the evolution of consciousness on the planet and increase self-awareness, wholeness, healing, and freedom. Ashaya Yoga® places great importance on high standards of excellence, integrity, and authenticity while maintaining a nurturing, lifelong practice filled with discovery.

Ashaya Yoga® seeks the alignment of body, mind, and heart in a loving and non-competitive environment, one where we reflect to each other the greatness and true power we see in each other. Employing the skillful practice of the yamas and niyamas (yogic ethics), we share our accomplishments, our challenges, and our vulnerabilities, practicing the healthy boundaries and communication skills required to bring that greatness into the world with integrity and joy.

Ashaya Yoga® is a powerful synthesis of more than 34 years of transformational yoga practice and teaching. Drawing on and inspired by many styles of heart-centered and alignment-based yoga, we offer you a yoga practice that strengthens every aspect of the Self and facilitates the awakening of your heart.

A contemporary and evolving yoga, Ashaya Yoga® immerses you in the ancient wisdom teachings of yoga with the goal of returning you to your heart’s deepest knowing and identifying the unique gifts only you can offer to the world. The true path of yoga always leads you back to your own heart, where your God-given potential and life purpose await your discovery.

The name Ashaya was suggested by world-renowned Sanskrit and Tantric scholar Professor Douglas Brooks. We are grateful for this gift and deeply appreciate his insight and teachings.

“I am the Self that dwells in all beings. I am the Self in the place where you stand (ashaya sthiti). I am the place where you stand for shelter.” Bhagavad Gita, 10:20