Ashaya Yoga® Gallery of Sound & Imagery

Audio Clips

Savasana Practice

Download Savasana Practice Here

Chakra Invocation – Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Invocation that will be chanted at Todd’s upcoming Chakra Yoga Advanced Teacher Training

Download Chakra Invocation – Hatha Yoga Pradipika Here

“It Takes A Village to Raise a Yogi”

Listen in on Todd’s call from September 11th, 2014, as he discusses to importance of community of the heart, or Kula.

Download “It Takes A Village to Raise a Yogi” Here

Todd’s Interview from The Future of Yoga Summit 2014

This interview was part of the Future of Yoga Summit 2014, a free online event that featured internationally-renowned yogis offering deep wisdom, techniques and insights to help you elevate your practice to the next level, and serve as a catalyst for positive shifts in your life, family, community and beyond. For more information, please visit

Download The Future of Yoga Summit Interview Here

Guru Verses

Download Guru Verses Here
Ganesh Mantra: Vakra Tunda

Download Ganesh Mantra: Vakra Tunda Here

Hear Todd’s recent interview with Erin Goldman on the podcast titled Can You Embody Worthiness?

Download Can You Embody Worthiness? Here

Audio Clips from Teacher Renewal and Radiance Retreat – 2013

Listen to audio clips of chants and mantras from Todd’s summertime Teacher Renewal and Radiance Retreat at Bucksteep Manor.

Bija Mantras

Download Bija Mantras Here

Chakra Mantras

Download Chakra Mantras Here

Invocation to Shiva: Great Light of Consciousness

Download Invocation to Shiva: Great Light of Consciousness Here

Invocation to Shiva: Supreme Guru (chant form)

Download Invocation to Shiva: Supreme Guru Chant Here

Invocation to Shiva: Supreme Guru (Kirtan version)

Download Invocation to Shiva: Supreme Guru Kirtan Here

Mahamrityunjaya Mantra

Download Mahamrityunjaya Mantra Here

Om Triambakam (Todd only)

Download Om Triambakam Here

Shantih Mantra

Download Shantih Mantra Here



As Above, Psoas Below!

Short Ashaya Yoga sequence for stretching the Psoas muscles.

Floating in Handstand

The Alchemy of Ashaya Yoga™. This is a demonstration of Handstand Split at the wall with a Cobra dismount. This is awesome for developing slowness and control in the Handstand Pose while hugging the midline. The more you hug, the lighter and more grounded you become. But if you over hug, you become rigid. You must find the balance and integration of all of the 5 elements: earth, water, fire, air, and sky, in order to find ease in this posture. The dismount shows how to float and defy gravity by learning how to use gravity to your advantage. This kind of hugging in and engagement in the body develops, over many years, the capacity to walk lightly on this earth and continue to expand and grow with age rather than shrink and be pulled down by gravity (and by life) over the years. Hugging in paradoxically creates more lightness. It’s never about the challenges that arise in life. We all have them. It’s about how you engage with them. Either the challenges squash and diminish you, or the challenges make you stronger. It’s your choice.

Todd instructing Chaya Spencer into Urdhva Dhanurasana with steadiness in the legs and delight in the heart.

Articles & Links

Healing Sciatica

Read Todd’s recent article from the Toronto Yoga Conference on healing the sciatica using the Ashaya™ method.

Todd’s Trip to Island Shakti Yoga

Check out the beautiful blog post and photography, from Sacha Blackburne Phootography, of Todd’s trip to Island Shakti Yoga. The photos tell a story in and of themselves.

To read a recent interview with Todd from the Royal Gazette in Bermuda for his March 2013 workshop, click here.