Welcome to our growing community of dedicated Licensed Ashaya Yoga teachers who are committed to serving others through being connected to a greater vision.

Licensed Teacher Trainers

The Ashaya Yoga Trainers are an extraordinarily dedicated group of teachers with years of teaching experience who’ve studied extensively with Todd. The Trainers, authorized by Todd, teach the Ashaya Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training in their local areas and often co-teach in other’s teacher trainings.

Randy Boyd

Fayetteville, WV

Randy Boyd

Randy Boyd (E-RYT 500) is a licensed Ashaya Yoga teacher who has trained with Todd Norian for over 1000 hours. He completed Todd’s 200 hour teacher training in 2007. Since then he has assisted Todd in various teacher and advanced teacher trainings. Randy lives in Fayetteville, WV where he teaches public yoga classes at Kula Yoga Studio. He also teacher trainings in WV. In 2015, Randy’s dream came true as he became an Ashaya Yoga Teacher Trainer.

Next Training: Starts September 13th, 2017 in Bethlehem, PA
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yogapowerwv.com | ranboyd@hotmail.com

Silver Kim

Bethlehem, PA

Silver KimSilver Kim, E-RYT 500, Certified and Licensed Ashaya Yoga Teacher Silver is the founder and former owner of Kula Heart Yoga and Wellness Center. She founded KulaCares.org, a non-profit group to offer free or low cost yoga to those in need.

Silver has been teaching yoga since 2003 and training yoga teachers since 2006. She is honored to be a 200 Hour Ashaya Yoga Teacher Trainer. She teaches workshops and conferences locally and nationally.

She is excited to share the therapeutic alignment based, life-affirming, profound transformational and radical self-discovery teachings of Ashaya Yoga. Silver loves teaching yoga. She loves to witness, support and nurture her students as they transform into amazing whole beings. She teaches intuitively to their potential and lovingly challenges them to never give up. She infuses philosophy, humor, depth, light heartedness, hands-on assists and weaves stories into all her classes. We journey together!

Silver has studied with many great teachers in many styles. However, it was studying with Todd Norian and the Ashaya Yoga method that completely aligned and healed her whole BEing. She assisted Todd in many trainings and workshops at Kripalu and other locations.

Silver is a dedicated student of life, mother of 3 boys ages ranges from 18-21 years of age, teacher, former studio owner and lives with the love of her life, José. She is a traveler, writer and explorer of diverse cultures all over this beautiful world. She travels and teaches privates, public classes, workshops, retreats, conferences, and trainings. She continues to assist her teacher Todd Norian, whenever she is needed. Her vision is to share Ashaya Yoga locally and internationally as she connects with hearts, community and culture.

Next Training: Starts September 13th, 2017 in Bethlehem, PA
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Janie Gunn

Fishers, IN

Maureen JaneJanie began her yoga journey in 1996 by taking a yoga class at her church. It was like coming home to her own heart. Yoga was so transformative that she decided to align with this passion and share yoga with others as a teacher.

She took two teacher trainings in 2000-2002 and they gave her an overview of the various styles and philosophies of yoga. She opened Source Yoga Center in 2004, which serves the Fishers, Indiana area. When met Todd Norian in 2006, she felt like she found the teacher that was going to help her expand her skills both personally and professionally. She took his alignment-based teacher training in 2007 and went on to assist at another of his trainings.

She attended Todd’s workshop on the five elements and he invited her into his system of Ashaya Yoga. What a gift to study with such an authentic teacher who has poured his heart and soul into creating a system that has so much depth of body, mind and heart. She completed this teacher training in 2015 and is excited to share Ashaya yoga with others.

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www.sourceyoga.net | janie@sourceyoga.net

Mark Killion

Mark KillionMark began practicing yoga in 1997 to find relief from low back pain. His introduction to yoga led to the discovery of the wonderful connection of mind, body and spirit that yoga offers. Mark is a certified Ashaya Yoga teacher. His teaching aligns body, mind and heart to facilitate the awakening of our inherent creative potential as human beings. Mark has a playful style that focuses on precise alignment of the body infused with heart-based teachings. He works to support his students at whatever stage of practice they are in from beginner to advanced.

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Shirlee Williams

Blue Mountain, ON

Shirlee Williams

Everyday Shirlee is reminded of how remarkable this life is. She is truly blessed to be surrounded by her husband Simon and her boys Ethan and Oliver who support her on this journey. They are truly her greatest teachers. When one of Shirlee’s sons, Oliver, was born with Cerebral Palsy, she began to search out alternative treatment for children with special needs. She discovered “Yoga for the Special Child” a book by Sonia Sumar. After reading the book, she completed Yoga For The Special Child Training, Levels l & ll, and started working with children of all levels and abilities through a program she designed called Yoga Bear. This was just one of the many fascinating and life-changing landmarks on an exciting and ongoing path of yoga.

21 years ago Shirlee began her yoga journey on the mat. She quickly realized that the benefits she was experiencing were more numerous than just being able to touch her toes, she went on to complete her Hatha Yoga training with Esther Myers in Toronto, Ontario. This 750-hour course changed her life. Being on the mat made her a stronger, happier and a more sensitive human being. When she began to align with nature, life opened up and began to flow for her. In June 2004, Shirlee attended a weekend workshop with John Friend, founder of Anusara Yoga. She was hooked! After countless hours of training with some of the best teachers in the world, Shirlee received her Anusara certification in 2011. Through a variety of life changing events Shirlee found her way back to Todd and began to study Ashaya Yoga in 2014. Watching her life unfold once again Shirlee decided to dedicate her energy and time into Ashaya Yoga. The Ashaya community quickly became her family and she is honoured to be part of the growing community at large. Shirlee brings her own unique style and approach to make yoga readily accessible to everyone. She brings a real lightness and joy to the practice.

Shirlee is the founder of Buddha Rider, a yoga and spin studio located in Collingwood ON. She teaches a variety of classes, retreats and a 200 hour YTT program in Collingwood. She also runs international retreats.

Next Training: Starts September 8th, 2017 in Collingwood, ON
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www.buddharider.com | shirlee@buddharider.com

Sarah Fischer

Richmond, VA

Sarah FischerAfter practicing yoga for 6 years, Sarah Fischer, E-RYT 200, RYT 500,  met Todd Norian in 2007 and immediately knew he would be her teacher. She graduated from his YTT in 2010 and has continued to study with him regularly since then. Recently Sarah apprenticed with Todd and assisted Randy Boyd in his 200-hr Ashaya Yoga YTTs in 2015.

For Sarah, practicing with Todd and the AY community has been a path directly to Source. It repeatedly takes her from doubt into profound faith, both in herself and in her place in the Universe, because she is reminded of who she is at the deepest level. This practice nourishes Sarah’s soul, empowers her heart, and heals her body. It brings Sarah profound joy on all levels of my being. She is honored to share Ashaya Yoga from a place of deep love and respect for the practice and all practitioners.

Next Training: Starts September 22nd, 2017 in Richmond, VA
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www.sarahfischer.net | spack2@hotmail.com

Licensed 200-Hour Graduates

These teachers completed the Ashaya Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training with “honors” and have received a special recommendation from their Trainer to be licensed in Ashaya. They are dedicated solely to the Ashaya method and have demonstrated a high level of excellence and ease in teaching the Ashaya method. Ashaya is proud to support these teachers and honors their commitment to Ashaya and to their own development.

Jane Reilly

Fairbanks, AK

Jane ReillyJane started her yoga journey in 2004 and in the next decade she had the opportunity to study with numerous teachers through more than 20 semester classes at the University of Alaska, as well as classes and workshops at local studios. Asana strengthened and healed her body and brought an unexpected peace, but there was a lack of spiritual direction. Among her favorite teachers, there ran a common theme: they were Anusara trained and had studied at some point, with Todd Norian. Jane completed her 200 RYT in Ashaya Yoga in 2016 with a better understanding of the physiology behind her healing as well an opening of her heart to our shared existence and life’s joy. She is glad to share Ashaya Yoga with the broad and wonderful yoga community of Fairbanks.


Cheryl Chaffee

Sarasota, FL

Cheryl ChaffeeCheryl Chaffee (ERYT-500) found yoga in 2003 when she moved to the Sarasota, FL area and began taking classes with Betsey Downing and Jaye Martin at the Garden of the Heart Yoga Center. As soon as possible she joined the next teacher training, and began teaching in 2005. Cheryl studied with John Friend and other Anusara teachers and became a Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher in 2010. Cheryl currently loves studying Ashaya Yoga with Todd Norian. She recently assisted Todd at a 2015 retreat at Kripalu, and assisted at his 2015-16 Yoga Teacher Training in Lenox.

Cheryl loves the depth and intensity of Ashaya Yoga. She feels that the purpose of yoga is not to do the most difficult asanas, but is to go deeper into the understanding of the Self, and connect to the Heart. Ashaya invites students to look at the places where yoga (and life) is challenging, and encourages everyone to connect to their own authenticity. In this way, it makes the practice of yoga accessible to everyone.


Linda Moran

Chelmsford, MA

Linda Moran has been studying yoga since 1993 and teaching since 2004. She began taking yoga as part of a plan to manage a chronic back problem and fell in love with it in its entirety. In addition to teaching yoga, Linda has been a physical therapist since 1982. She maintains a private practice specializing in alternative forms of manual therapy. Physical therapy and yoga are a perfect combination for a therapeutic experience; providing optimal healing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

Linda initially got her Raj Ashtanga 200 hour YTT from Focal Point Yoga in Stowe, MA. After that, she had been searching in earnest to find a teacher to continue to study yoga and earn another 300 Hours for a 300-HR certification. Linda had high standards for proper alignment and a healing therapeutic effect but also wanted a true yoga of the heart and soul. She was ready and eager for self exploration and discovery. She found what she was looking for and more when she attended a weekend workshop with Todd Norian in 2011. She began his 300-hour teacher training but realized there was so much to this method that she took a detour through his 200 hour training and earned an Ashaya Yoga 200 hR Certification in 2015. She is a certified and registered Ashaya Yoga instructor.

Linda is still in the 300 hour training; she is an assistant for Todd with the 300 hour modules that she has taken as well as assisting in his 200 hour In-Depth training. Linda loves the depth and profound healing that is possible with this type of yoga. Linda’s class is a fun, therapeuti, alignment-based heart felt class. She strives to support and nurture each student while seeing and encouraging their potential for greatness.


Claudia Zannotti

Cincinnati, OH

Claudia ZannottiIn 2002, Claudia Zannotti (ERYT-500) started her journey to reconnect with her true self. The practice of yoga took her on a path to dive deeper in the ocean of her mind, body and spirit. As she practiced yoga, she felt a wave of energy and joy pass through her, and wanted everyone around her to feel the same. Claudia could see the vast knowledge before her and decided to dive in and learn as much as she could. She took an Anusara immersion locally and wanted more, so took another one from Sianna Sherman. In the meantime, she took several workshops with Todd and felt an instant connection with him. In workshops, Claudia felt like he was speaking to her alone and thought to herself, “how can he know what I am going through right now?” When she decided to do her teacher training, she knew it had to be with Todd. Claudia was certified in Anusara in 2009, which was the year Todd announced his Ashaya Yoga 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training. She signed up right away and received her 300-HR certification in October of 2015.

Claudia has trained with many teachers including: Todd Norian, John Friend, Sianna Sherman, Martin Kirk, Sally Kempton, Danial Brooks, Ann Greene, William Mahoney, Ellen Salstonstall, Christopher Wallis, Anodea Judith and many more.

What Claudia loves about Ashaya Yoga is that Todd has taken her practice of yoga to the next level of awareness of her own heart and the biomechanics of the body.

Claudia is the owner of The Fitness Firm Yoga and Pilates Studio in Madeira, Ohio and teaches her students to become aware of their inner light and connect more fully to their essence. She guides them on a journey of inner peace and self-awareness. They leave class feeling the light of their hearts and ready to face the world.


Sarah Chouinard

Fayetteville, WV

Sarah ChouinardSarah Chouinard, MD, RYT 200 first met Todd at a workshop in Cleveland Ohio and was intrigued by Todd’s mastery over human anatomy and Tantric philosophy. Having attended many other yoga workshops, Sarah was inspired in a whole new way. She left that workshop with a better outlook on life and a deeper asana practice. She later received her 200 hr RYT from Randy Boyd in 2015. She has known Randy for years and has witnessed first-hand how transformative Ashaya was for him. Prior to finding alignment based yoga, Sarah was teaching Pilates and dabbled in vinyasa yoga classes. Once she discovered Ashaya, Sarah realized how far she could take her physical and spiritual practice in the same time she had been dedicating to less personally fulfilling methods. Sarah is a family doctor and finds the philosophical lessons learned in her Ashaya training to be very useful in counseling patients and managing patients who have chronic disease. Sarah is excited to share what she has learned in Ashaya with her patients, her community, and hopes to infect others with the joy that Ashaya brings to her life.


MJ Fardella

Tillsonburg, ON

MJ FardelloMJ has been practicing yoga since 1978 and teaching since 1997. She teaches weekly classes as well as workshops and retreats for yoga students and yoga teachers in Canada and Barbados.

MJ owns a small yoga studio in Tillsonburg, Ontario in Canada. She began studying Ashaya Yoga with Todd Norian in 2006 and his teachings had a profound effect on her life, her practice and her teaching.

MJ’s classes reflect her love of nature and life. She draws on both as a source of inspiration for her teaching. Her classes are a light hearted integration of attention to physical alignment and celebration of the heart where each student is invited to experience yoga from a place of wonder and appreciation.


Jane Goldstein

San Antonio, TX

Jane Goldstein

As an instructor, Jane Goldstein, M.S., ERYT-500, brings a flare for enthusiasm tempered with patience and kindness. She first began instructing health and fitness classes in 1984 and added teaching yoga in 1998. As a seasoned exercise professional Jane has an experienced knowledge of the body, a humble attitude and a willingness to serve her students. Jane first began studying with Todd Norian in 2008. She is a certified Ashaya Yoga teacher and owner of Two Hearts Yoga Studio in San Antonio, Texas.

Jane’s teaching draws on her educational background with a Masters degree in Health Promotion and a minor in Studies in Aging. She continually enriches her insightfulness through a dedicated self study program on topics of yoga philosophy, anatomy, biomechanics, meditation and the art of teaching. Jane is also a certified personal trainer and teaches privates lessons in both yoga and fitness.


Rachel Molenda

Salt Lake City, UT

Rachel is a based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She found yoga through her mother, who began her own practice at home with video recorded hatha yoga sequences. Rachel’s practice developed, however, during college in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, as she discovered vinyasa yoga. Her practice deepened in the years following, as she practiced under teachers at Jala Yoga in Shepherdstown and at Lifespring and the Folded Leaf in Charleston.

Rachel had her first experience with Ashaya Yoga and Todd Norian during a workshop in 2014 in Fayetteville, West Virginia. She took her Ashaya Yoga 200-hour TT with Randy Boyd in 2015 in the same town. The Ashaya method came to Rachel at a time of deep transition in her life. She was assessing and leaving behind relationships that no longer served her—professionally and personally—and turning focus to those that did. Rachel has found this method to be deep and nurturing, two critical elements that had been missing from her practice. Rachel’s goal in her teaching is to provide a comfortable place for students to explore their practice and themselves.


Anita Schill

Falls Church, VA

Anita SchillAnita Schill, PhD, RYT 500, found her way to yoga during a period of self-healing from a series of major life transitions. Her spiritual journey began in 1989 when she awoke to find herself in a life that was not hers. She had become so disconnected from her truth that she was adrift; buffeted by the winds of societal expectations. Yoga became her path of salvation.

Anita has been practicing yoga since 1999. Initially inspired by the heart-oriented, alignment-based practice of Anusara Yoga, she completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program in 2011 under the guidance of Suzie Hurley and Maria Hamburger. Always the student, Anita eagerly enrolled in Todd’s Ashaya Yoga 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training Program in 2013. Anita loves the sense of community that Ashaya Yoga inspires. It provides a safe harbor for personal exploration and spiritual growth that repeatedly brings her home to her heart.

www.blisszoneyoga.com | blisszoneyoga@gmail.com