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Designed for aspiring yoga teachers and/or yogis who seek to deepen their practice and knowledge through a structured curriculum, this yoga teacher training will support you in awakening your heart and living a more meaningful and empowered life of freedom and joy. Through immersion in the life-affirming teachings of Ashaya Yoga®, you will transform your body, mind, and heart.

Location and Dates

Yoga Teacher Training shoulder assist

2017/18 Training in Essex, NY

All sessions below meet from Tuesday through Sunday (* – except Part 1) at Lake Champlain Yoga and Wellness in Essex, NY.

Part 1: Oct 4-9, 2017*
Part 2: Nov 28-Dec 3, 2017
Part 3: Mar 6-11, 2018
Part 4: May 15-20, 2018
* – Meets from Wednesday to Sunday

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2018 Training in Defiance, OH

All sessions below meet from Tuesday through Sunday at Twist It Yoga in Defiance, OH.

Part 1: Apr 3-8, 2018
Part 2: Jun 5-10, 2018
Part 3: Aug 7-12, 2018
Part 4: Oct 9-14, 2018

Contact Twist It Yoga for More Information.

Why In-Depth Study

The curriculum of the Ashaya Yoga® In-Depth Study and Yoga Teacher Training Program is rooted in the fundamentals of the practices of asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, and anatomy. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the deeper studies of yoga and build a stronger, more flexible and balanced body, a focused, clear, and calm mind, and establish yourself in your connection to spirit.

Learning to Teach Yoga

Todd Leading WorkshopWithin the supportive community environment, you will be championed to discover your own unique gifts as a teacher and learn how to offer them with confidence and clarity. You will be encouraged and supported to step into your own power and discover your authentic voice as you share the essence of yoga, which is love.

The journey of becoming a Yoga teacher is one of profound transformation and radical self-discovery. It requires a dedicated practice, ongoing studentship, and a willingness to open to the creative impulse of life.

Daily Schedule

All modules follow the same daily template found below (subject to change). All sessions will begin on time, but may extend a few minutes over the scheduled ending time as needed. Please keep your schedule clear throughout the week in order to accommodate schedule changes.

Day 1
7:00-9:00 p.m.
Day 2-5
6:45-7:45 a.m. Session
9:00-1:00 p.m. Session
2:30-6:30 p.m.Session
Day 6
6:45-7:45 a.m. Session
9:00-1:30 p.m. Session
Evening session on Day 4 only, 7:45-9:15 p.m.


The course consists of four or five, 5.5-day intensives over an 9-month period with homework between segments. Each part provides in-depth training, experience, and inspiration for you to develop both your practice and knowledge of yoga and teaching skills. The pulsation of coming together in community and then returning home greatly enhances the learning process and integration of the material.

Yoga Alliance

Registered Yoga School 200 hour Yoga AllianceThis course is registered with Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour level. Once you become certified, you may register with Yoga Alliance as a 200-hour level RYT. For an application, visit the yoga alliance website.

At-Home Study

Assignments are given between segments to facilitate integration of the teachings. The homework constitutes an important aspect of the overall training and provides a structure of support for the learning process at home. The assignments include daily practice of asana, pranayama, and meditation, keeping a sadhana journal, weekly check-ins with study buddies, observation of other classes, practice teaching to friends, family, and/or students, required reading, written exercises, and take-home exams.


  • Minimum 1 year of yoga experience with regular practice for the past six months, or by teacher’s permission.
  • A sincere desire to learn, grow, open your heart, and be coached.
  • Acceptance into the program is based upon approval of your application.
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Course Content

Todd Norian Shoulder Stretch AssistYoga is a scientific art. Teaching is an endlessly creative journey. Our goal is to provide a structure that will serve as a springboard to your unique and creative expression as a teacher. During this course you will cultivate skills needed to teach a masterful and inspirational class, including:

  • Discover your authentic voice and unique gifts as a teacher.
  • Teach with confidence, clarity, and technical precision.
  • Learn elegant alignment techniques that create safety and healing in poses.
  • Study postures in extensive detail, including common misalignments and corrections, and use of props.
  • Teach with inspirational themes and heart-oriented language that speaks directly to the heart of the student.
  • Learn basic anatomy and kinesiology as related to specific yoga postures and key actions in the body.
  • Explore subtle energy anatomy including chakras, nadis, kundalini, and the five koshas.
  • Observation skills, demonstration, verbal and physical adjustments.
  • Learn effective and creative sequencing.
  • Guide powerful introductions, centerings, and Savasana
  • Study yogic philosophy, including Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, and an introduction to Tantra. Learn practical ways to integrate these teachings into a yoga class.
  • Receive individual coaching and mentoring within small practice teaching groups.
  • Develop conscious communication skills.
  • Release blocks that hold you back and learn life-affirming skills in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Learn the business of yoga including professional practices and ethics.
  • Be an active member of a vibrant learning community that will support you in your endeavor towards full expression.

Pricing varies based on location of the training.

2016/17 Training in Bethlehem, PA:

Full Tuition: $3300

Save $800 if paid in full by 8/10/16 (or $400 if paid in full by 9/1/16)

Payment plans available for an extra $200. Repeating students who have taken a 200-Hour YTT with Todd get an additional 50% off. For details, please see the application and payment form.

Additional Costs:
Accommodations, meals, travel, and required reading.

Deposit with Application:
For all tuitions, there’s a $500 deposit, which is non-refundable and non-transferable, except up to one year in an Ashaya Yoga® In-Depth Study/200-Hour Teacher Training with Todd or approved trainer. (Your deposit will be returned in full if you are not accepted into the course.)

Payment Plans

Payment Plans:

Please view the appropriate application for more details:

Download Application
Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellations Before the Training Begins:

  1. If you cancel between 7 and 13 days before Day 1 of the training, you will be refunded the full amount minus a $150 administrative fee and the non-refundable $500 deposit. (A total of $650 will be withheld.)
  2.  If you cancel within 6 days before Day 1 of the training, you will be refunded the full amount minus a $200 administrative fee and the non-refundable $500 deposit. (A total of $700 will be withheld.)

Full Refund Before the Training Begins:

In the event of a serious illness, a death in your immediate family, or inclement weather before the training begins, you will be refunded for the amount you paid including the $500 deposit. In the event of an unforeseen cancellation on our end, you will also be granted a full refund including the $500 deposit.

Cancellations After the Training Begins:

In the event of a serious illness, a death in your immediate family, or inclement weather after the training begins, and you need to completely drop out of the training, you will have the option to transfer your remaining balance to the next Ashaya Yoga® 200-Hour Teacher Training. If you are not able to attend the next training, or any future training, due to one of the 3 reasons above, you will be refunded a prorated amount based on the number of days you were in attendance, less the non-refundable $500 deposit.

No refunds will be given for any other reason, other than the 3 reasons above, once the course begins.


In the event that circumstances require you to drop out of the training, you may transfer your registration to the next Ashaya Yoga® 200-Hour Teacher Training. If you need to transfer due to a serious illness, a death in your immediate family, or inclement weather, we will transfer your registration free of charge. If you decide to transfer for any reason other than the three listed above, you will be charged a transfer fee of $150.

Cancellations to payment plan:

If you are on the payment plan, and you need to drop out of the program, your remaining balance will be pro-rated as outlined below. No refunds will be given for payments already received.

  • During or after the 1st module: 25% of balance due
  • During or after the 2nd module: 50% of balance due
  • During or after the 3rd module: 75% of balance due
  • During the 4th module: Full balance due

You may continue to pay in monthly installments, until the remaining balance due is reached.

You may also continue where you left off at the next Ashaya Yoga® 200-Hour Teacher Training. Your payments will be applied to the next training, with the addition of the $150 transfer fee.

Download Application

If you have trouble viewing the application, please contact Kula Heart Yoga or call 610-746-5852. Applications can be sent by email or snail mailed to: Kula Heart Yoga & Wellness,  3400 Bath Pike, Suite 201, Bethlehem, PA 18017. Additional information will be sent once your application is accepted.

Certification Requirements

Certification is based on the performance and demonstration of your teaching ability, attitude, and satisfactory completion of all assignments and exams. To become certified in this course, you must demonstrate a basic understanding and integration of the asanas, philosophy, heart language, and other teaching methodologies. When all of the above is achieved, you will be certified as an Ashaya Yoga® teacher.

Additional Certification Requirements

  • Must be able to perform basic asanas with integration, precision, and heart. You need to be able to demonstrate the basic benchmarks of biomechanical integration in your own body.
  • Pass the written tests with a score of 90% or higher.
  • Successfully complete all homework (TBA) and required reading.
  • Sign the code of ethics agreement.
  • Pay all fees and outstanding balances.
  • Must have full attendance, participation, and a yogic attitude.


Lodging, Travel, and Meals

Please contact Kula Heart Yoga for questions about the Bethlehem Training.

Schedule/Arrival and Departure Time

Each part begins with registration at 6:30 pm and the opening night session at 7:00 pm. Session times for the following days are: 7:00-8:00 am, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm and 2:30-6:30 pm with one evening session on Friday. The last day ends by 1:30 pm. Full attendance is necessary for certification. Please plan your arrival and departure times to allow enough time for transit to and from the airport without missing a session.

Things to Bring With You:

  • Yoga Props: (There are some props at the training site. But to be sure you have what you need, bring your own.)
  • Sticky mat (Manduka Mats, the thick black mats, are recommended. Available at Yoga Centre)
  • Yoga Belt
  • 2 Yoga Blocks (the thick purple blocks, not the thin ones)
  • 2-3 thick gray yoga blankets (utility blankets, not Mexican blankets)
  • Meditation Cushion (you may use your folded blankets instead)
  • Eye Pillow (optional)
  • Visit: Hugger Mugger for props or check Yoga Journal magazine for options.
  • A journal or notebook and pens
  • Selected required reading books.


2017 YTT Schedule

Tuesday 6:30 p.m. – Registration

Tuesday 7:00-9:00 p.m. – Opening Night Session

6:45-7:45 a.m. – Early Morning Practices
9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. – Morning Session
2:30-6:30 p.m. – Afternoon Session

6:45-7:45 a.m. – Early Morning Practices
9:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m. – Morning Session.
Program ends at 1:30 p.m.

Evening Session 7:45-9:15 p.m. Friday only (tentative)