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Taking the Next Step: Ashaya Yoga® Vision & Pathways for Teachers

Welcome from Todd Norian

Todd Norian pictureWith great humility, gratitude, and steadiness of heart, I am delighted to share with you the vision of Ashaya Yoga®. Over the last two years, I have contemplated the deepest desires of my heart. I have reflected deeply on my life and have asked myself these questions: What do I want to offer? How can I bring at least a little more light into this world? What’s the legacy I want to leave behind? My hope in writing this letter is to express the vision I hold for Ashaya Yoga® and to inspire you to join with me to create a community of possibility and a community of the heart that supports each of us to bring our dreams into reality.

Certification Overview

Purple Flower

Ashaya Yoga® places great importance on high standards of excellence, integrity, and authenticity while maintaining a nurturing, lifelong practice filled with discovery. Keeping a high standard inspires everyone to rise higher. The 200-Hour training exceeds the minimum standards of Yoga Alliance and surpasses most 200-Hour trainings in its commitment to uphold the importance, efficacy, and authenticity of teaching yoga from the heart, learning effective and integrative alignment techniques, and refining your language skills that effects a transformational and full spectrum yoga class for body, mind, and heart.

Group Picture from Portland 200-HR YTT

To produce teachers of this caliber, there are no shortcuts. We acknowledge that holding such high standards can be difficult and that it takes a lot of dedication, study, and practice to achieve certification. But over the years we have seen that every student who commits to becoming certified rises higher and transforms themselves through the process.

Certification in Ashaya Yoga® is not automatically guaranteed by the end of this course and is granted solely by the discretion of the director. Certification is based on attitude, being coachable, the performance and demonstration of your teaching ability, and completion of all course work. To become certified, you must demonstrate a basic understanding and integration of the alignment techniques, philosophy, and heart language of Ashaya Yoga®.

Basic Certification Requirements for the 200-Hour Training

  • Must be able to:
    • Take the seat of teacher with a loving presence
    • Create a safe space for students physically, mentally, and emotionally
    • Instruct the basic postures using plain and simple language
    • Teach all 4 Alignment Essentials in order with Spanda Centers
    • Introduce and interweave a unity theme with one or two context statements throughout your class
  • Pass the written tests with a score of 90% or higher
  • Successfully complete all homework and reading assignments
  • Sign the Code of Ethics Agreement
  • Pay all fees and outstanding balances
  • Must have full attendance, participation, and a positive yogic attitude.

When all of your work is complete, you will be certified as a “Hatha Yoga Teacher” trained in the Ashaya Yoga® method. (In order to use the Ashaya Yoga® name in the title of your classes, online, in social media, and in your marketing, you will need to become a Licensed Ashaya Yoga® Teacher. Refer to the licensing requirements below.)

Note: You are responsible for all of the material offered. If you miss a session, you must get someone to record and/or take notes for you, or receive the necessary mentoring from staff. (An extra fee may be applied for this service.)

The Mentoring Process

Todd assistingEveryone has their own timing for when the method becomes more embodied and for many teachers, more experience and practice is necessary. If you do not meet the certification requirements by the end of the training, you will be asked to work with a mentor to bring your teaching skills up to the level required.

The completion deadline for those needing mentoring is six months after the end of the final module. After six months if you need more time and you wish to continue to pursue your certification, you will be asked to retake the course the following year. Repeaters discount is 50% off regular tuition. (Note: tuition subject to change for each course.)

If you need mentoring, a facilitator from your training will be assigned to you. Although you may be asked to submit a video or audiotape of a class, there will be many variations on how the structure of your mentoring will be guided. Mentoring is “student-centered” and is tailored to the student’s unique needs. Therefore, the structure and cost of mentoring will vary. The recommended mentoring rate is $75/hour. However, it’s up to the mentor and menti to work out agreeable terms.

Deadline for Late Homework and Tests

The latest possible deadline for completing all of your written work and tests is three months after the end of the final module. This applies for both students who need additional mentoring and those who don’t.

Yoga Alliance

Once you are certified, you may register with the National Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour level to obtain your RYT-200 mark. For an application, go to: yogaalliance.org.

Licensing in Ashaya Yoga®


The requirements for certification at the 200-hour level to become a Hatha Yoga teacher are the basic minimum requirements to go out and begin teaching. Becoming licensed in Ashaya Yoga® requires more proficiency and fluency with the method, as well as, addition skills that are taught in the 200-Hour training yet are refinements of the basic understanding.

The requirements for licensing include all of the requirements for certification above plus the following refinements:

  • Seat of Teacher
    • Increased confidence
    • Natural pacing and flow throughout the class and a good sense of timing
    • No notes or minimal use of notes (for reference only)
    • Eye contact and connection with the students
    • Capacity to walk around the class while teaching at least 50% of the time
    • Pace and sequence of the class is appropriate to the level and needs of your students
  • Alignment Technique
    • More fluency and ease in teaching the 4 Essentials
    • More proficiency of postural technique and the ability to see misalignments and teach to what you see
  • Language Refinements
    • More fluency of plain and explicit language
    • Use of directional language
    • Use of linking language
    • Use of active/passive voice
    • Use of Sanskrit names of the poses with correct pronunciation
    • Minimal or no word habits
  • Theme
    • More fluency and clarity of the 4 steps to the introduction to the theme
    • Capacity to interweave the theme throughout the class with appropriate use of context statements (minimum of 4 context statements total choosing from the various context statement categories)
    • Capacity to universalize the theme with clarity and give at least one chit ananda context statement during the intro, asanas, or closing statement
  • Hands-On Adjustments:
    • Simple hands-on adjustments offered with clarity, sensitivity, bone-on-bone contact, and use of good body mechanics
  • Voice Quality
    • Use of a natural, whole-bodied, and modulated voice (rather than monotone)
    • Soothing voice yet clear and commanding, loud enough so that everyone can hear throughout the entire class
  • Self-Demo
    • Clear and instructive
    • Short and to the point
    • Can show the misalignment and correction in your body, plus modification
  • Mirroring

Recommendation by Trainer Required

At the end of your last TT module, your trainer will have a dialogue with you to determine where you stand with respect to the following three things:

  1. Certification at the 200-Hour level, no mentoring needed
  2. Additional mentoring needed for certification
  3. Licensing: whether or not you need additional mentoring

Ashaya Yoga® Trademark

Ashaya Yoga Logo

Ashaya Yoga® is a registered trademark; hence the small ® mark after the name. The trademark honors the time, energy, and resources you have invested in your training by maintaining the integrity, high standards, and reputation of Ashaya Yoga®. It protects the Ashaya name and the efficacy/quality of the method by legally safeguarding Ashaya Yoga® from being copied, changed, adapted, or altered by anyone other than the trademark owner, Todd Norian. The trademark further protects teachers who license with Ashaya by maintaining a wholesome cohesion to the method by assuring that Ashaya Yoga® classes remain consistent wherever they are taught. The consistent qualities of a heart-centered tone, the specific alignment method, language terms, and class structure, all support the integrity of Ashaya Yoga®.

Become a Licensed Ashaya Yoga® Teacher

Yoga Danda

Licensing is a way of caring for yourself, your profession, your colleagues, and your students. It honors and protects the trademark and strengthens the method. Licensing symbolizes your commitment to help maintain and contribute to the integrity and meaningfulness of Ashaya Yoga® and the Ashaya community. It relates to your practice and your personal and professional journey as a yoga teacher dedicated to your evolution and awakening. It is a statement of your desire to continue your studies and refine your teaching skills through continuing education. It connects you to the Ashaya community, joining with those who wish to be connected to each other in service to a bigger energy and a higher purpose. Upon completion of the 200-hour or 300-hour Ashaya Yoga® Teacher Training, with a recommendation from your trainer, you may apply to become a Licensed Ashaya Yoga® Teacher.

Benefits Available to Licensed Ashaya Yoga® Teachers

  • Use of the Ashaya Yoga® name and logo
  • Directory listing on the Ashaya Yoga® website (bio, photo, links to your email and website)
  • Continuing Education and Updates, including teacher inspiration, morning sadhana audio recordings (TBA), free updated manual downloads, and group discussions and networking on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Connection to and support from a community of great beings who wish to serve a bigger vision and live with integrity and authenticity, who are dedicated to offering their unique gift to the world with joy, who wish to support each other to live their dharma, stand in their power, release smallness and other self-limiting beliefs, fulfill their life-destiny path, serve their communities, and align with the highest teachings of yoga together in community.

Licensing Fee and Renewal Date

For all new graduates, the licensing fee is waived for the first year. The annual renewal fee for licensing is $35/year due on June 15 each year.

Continuing Education Credits

To maintain your licensing status, you need at least six hours of Ashaya Yoga® private, classroom, workshop, or teacher training hours annually with Todd Norian or another teacher appointed by Todd.

How to Become Licensed

If you would like to be a licensed Ashaya teacher, after you receive your certification, fill out the online licensing application located in the Teaching Community under the training menu at www.ashayayoga.com.

Take the Next Step Now – Digital Application for Annual License

If you would like to apply to be a licensed Ashaya teacher, please click on and complete the three forms below contained in the red buttons below.

Three Steps Required for Application:

1. Ashaya Yoga® Yoga Teacher Contact Info Form

2. 2016 Ashaya Yoga® Teacher Licensing Agreement

3. Code of Ethics 

4. Annual Licensing Fee (renewable on June 15th)

We will review your application within one week of receiving all three forms. If approved , you will receive a link via email to download and print your Official 2016 Licensed Ashaya Yoga® Teacher Certificate.

For licensing applications to be accepted, a written recommendation from your trainer is required. Please have your trainer contact the Ashaya office at 413-232-7839, or send us an email.

Ashaya Yoga® Yoga Teacher Contact Info Form

Required to sign and renew each year
Ashaya Yoga® Teacher License Agreement (Online Form)

Licensing fee waived for the first year after graduation
Pay Licensing Fee * The licensing fee is located underneath the Events Section of the Ashaya Store

Required only if you have not signed the Code of Ethics from the 200-HR Teacher Training
Ashaya Yoga® Code of Ethics  (Online Form)

 Need Support in Taking the Next Steps?

Please call or email Todd with any questions. He welcomes the conversation and personal connection. You can reach him directly at 413-232-7839 or todd@ashayayoga.com.