300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Mastering the Art of Yoga Teaching:
Advanced Ashaya Yoga Teacher Training

Take your teaching to the next level in this mind-expanding, comprehensive, and life-transforming journey of professional development. As Ashaya Yoga 200-Hour level teachers, this an essential next step to mastery. This 16-month training catapults you to new depths of technical proficiency, spiritual understanding, self-knowledge and personal transformation, and complete confidence to serve the hearts of others through teaching Ashaya Yoga.

The Ashaya Yoga Training Track provides levels of sequential, comprehensive training, along with advanced practices that build upon each other. In the 200-Hour TT you receive a specific morning sadhana practice with specific mantras that requires a certain length of time of practice over many months for integration and full benefit. This is an informal initiation into the empowering and transformative practices of the Tantra. In the 300-Hour TT these practices build and include new levels of advanced mantra and meditation techniques that refine and expand consciousness.

Participate in a vibrant, supportive community of yogis seeking authentic relationship, true belonging, and deeper meaning and fulfillment in service to a bigger energy, while serving and bringing more light, love, and healing onto the planet.


  • 5 modules over 16 months
  • Each module is 6.5 days long
  • 54 hours each, starting Mondays at 7 pm – Ending Sunday at 1:00 pm
  • All modules are required for certification at the 300-Hour level


Ashaya Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training, or by permission

Curriculum Hours – 270

Advanced Instruction in Mantra, Pranayama, Meditation, and Asana Practices
Advanced Tantra Philosophy
Theme Refinement
Language Refinement
Alignment Refinement
Mastering Hands-On Adjustments
Yoga Anatomy Refinement
Advanced Wellness Applications
Mentoring For Mastery
Teaching Chakra Yoga within the Ashaya Method
Art of Teaching Transformational Workshops

Dates & Modules

Module 1 – July 23-29, 2018 – In Depth Practice, Philosophy, Theming
Module 2 – November 5-11, 2018 – Alignment Refinement, Hands-On Adjustments, Anatomy with Ellen Saltonstall
Module 3 – April 8-14, 2019 – Mentoring For Mastery
Module 4 – August 5-11, 2019 – Advanced Wellness Applications
Module 5 – November 4-10, 2019 – Chakras/Teaching Workshops/Graduation

Daily Schedule

# of Hours
Total: 54

What You Will Gain

  • Receive guidance and support to discover your true voice and gift as a teacher.
  • Gain more confidence and expertise that comes from a deep inner knowing that is undeniable.
  • Maximize your ability to teach with precise, clear, and effective alignment instructions.
  • Find more ease in teaching with meaningful, heart-centered themes.
  • Advance your skills in creative and intelligent sequencing.
  • Refine your knowledge of yoga anatomy and kinesiology.
  • Master the art of healing chronic aches and pains in the body through private and group therapeutic yoga classes.
  • Sharpen your observation skills and enrich your capacity to give unforgettable physical adjustments.
  • Dive deeper into yoga and Tantric philosophy with world-renowned tantric scholars.
  • Learn how to create sacred space and facilitate the awakening of the hearts of your students within a class and extended workshop format.
  • Transform self-limiting samskaras (patterns) through the matrix of the chakras.
  • Deepen your asana, pranayama, and meditation practice and create a consistent at-home daily practice.
  • Join a vibrant and supportive community of yogis focused on bringing more light, joy, and freedom into the world.

More Information/Application

-Need more information – send us an email at info@ashayayoga.com
-Download an application with the button below

Tuition/Deposit/Payment Plan


  • $250 Deposit with application – non-refundable, non-transferable
  • All accommodation costs are the responsibility of the student
Pay In Full

-Payment Plan – Add $50 for a payment plan of 4 monthly installments, after deposit:

  • At $4500 tuition, less deposit = $4250, plus $50 payment plan = $4300
    $1075 per month for 4 months.
  • At $4200 tuition, less deposit = $3950, plus $50 payment plan = $4000
    $1000 per month for 4 months.

Email our office for information on setting up a payment plan.

Home Study Hours – 30

Upon completion of the application, you will receive the At-Home Study Packet with instructions and assignment details. All assignments are due by Sept. 30, 2019.

The At-Home Study component includes:

  • Module reflections/evaluations (5 total – 1 per module)
  • Research project on a yoga topic that interests you


All modules will take place at Angel’s Rest Retreat in Leyden, MA