Art of Teaching Transformational Yoga Workshops with Todd Norian

Butterfly in SpringDate: November 7-11, 2018

Location: Leyden, MA

Venue and AccomodationsAngel’s Rest, 63 North Country Road, Leyden, MA, 01337, 413-772-0648

Prerequisite: Ashaya Yoga® 200-Hour Teacher Training, equivalency, or by Todd’s permission.

Registration: Please email us or call 413-232-7839

Hours: 30

Investment: $420 for workshop if paid in full by Wednesday, October 17, 2018. $450 after. 300-Hour Members can save on tuition by choosing one of our other payment options. Repeaters will get 50% off tuition cost.

What does it take to transform the hearts of your students? What skills are needed to be able to hold space for someone’s awakening? How do you create sanctuary, sacred space, and loving presence? Find the answers to these questions and more in this leading edge Ashaya Yoga® Advanced Teacher Training Module.

During this course, you will:

  • Learn to design and deliver a heart-opening, transformational Ashaya Yoga® workshop
  • Learn to create sacred space for your students in which they feel safe and supported
  • Explore a variety of facilitation and group process skills that open the heart and effectively address difficult emotions
  • Transform your personal fears and limitations that hold you back from playing a bigger game
  • Receive effective workshop design templates and sequences
  • Learn how to teach accessible and relatable “feeling studies” that powerfully convey the Ashaya Yoga® method of alignment
  • Refine your authentic voice and develop your unique gift
  • Get valuable feedback and mentoring on your teaching from faculty and peers
  • Collaborate with other great beings within a supportive and loving community

Evolve your teaching and take an exponential leap forward in your ability to take the seat of teacher with confidence and knowledge. Discover that you have what it takes to lead a group of students through a transformational, heart-opening experience that changes their lives forever.