26 01, 2013

Yoga, Nature, Ecstasy:

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Skiing is the experience of ecstatic silent joy.

For the last 4 days, Ann and I have been on vacation cross country skiing in Craftsbury, VT. We used to come here every year for a week to enjoy the pristine mountains and excellent skiing. We haven’t been here in 3 years due to scheduling conflicts. It’s especially nice to be back and re-remember the bliss of nature.

I’ve been contemplating the five elements (sky, earth, water, fire, and air) lately since I see this as the basis of the Ashaya Yoga method. We are all made up of the five elements. If you want to know yourself, study the elements. We are part of nature. In fact, we are the highest expression of nature’s capacity to be conscious. We are the only beings with the capacity for reflective self-consciousness. We not only have the capacity to live in the present moment with all of our instincts, but we can draw from our past and consciously create a future. You are the crystallization of the divine’s desire to know itself. You are the sky embodied.

There are so many interesting relationships and teachings to be drawn from the five elements. One of the teachings I love is the notion that earth is condensed sky. Sky represents all possibilities, the infinite, unbounded, luminous space. It’s like an ocean without shores. There’s no beginning and no ending. These qualities are embodied in earth. Earth is the limited version, the finite version of sky. Since we are all made of the earth, we also have the unbounded and unlimited qualities of sky. But we are also limited at the same time. We are a dynamic matrix of all of the elements […]

4 01, 2013


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I am so very excited about the launch of our new site! This day represents the culmination of a deep internal transformation that began with the Anusara scandal last February. Through a long process of facing, feeling, recognizing, and accepting the loss of a teacher and community I once cherished, I have come full circle through an incredible process of allowing myself to redefine myself, my yoga, my mission and purpose in life, and all of my relationships. Like a caterpillar going into the chrysalis, I have gone within to such a degree that I have transformed my being into something unrecognizable to me, my unique and authentic self, the result of which I probably will not fully realize for some time. This poem sums it up for me:

“Called beyond the confines of this
chrysalis by a force I cannot see
or name, I am compelled by pain
and something bigger than myself
to leave the protection of all that I
have known. There is struggle, doubt,
an awkward setting forth. Finally I
break free of the cocoon and find
myself surrounded by air and light.

I dare to act, still not knowing what
I am; instinct, or maybe faith bids me
move forward, make the leap, explore
this mystery of change and flight.

I find myself with wings that dwarf
my former world. Unfurled, they dry
quickly in the sun. I, who expected
to spend my days crawling, now
teach myself to soar. Such a rush
of wind and freedom – that first
flight teaches me more than I had
learned in a lifetime of crawling.”

by Danna Faulds, Go In and In

My process of transformation was, and continues to be, profound and I am so grateful to all of you for your patience and support during this metamorphosis. I’m also extremely grateful to […]