29 05, 2013

Why Practice Pranayama and Meditation?

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Dear Friends,

Why Practice Pranayama and Meditation?

The simple answer is because it nourishes your three bodies (shariras). What are the three bodies? Briefly, from the Vedantic perspective (end of the Vedas), your gross physical body is called Shtula Sharira. Your subtle or prana body is called Sukshma Sharira. And your soul or spiritual body is called Adi Sukshma or Karana Sharira.

All three bodies share energy, but today I want to focus on the Shtula and Sukshma Shariras (physical and subtle bodies). The physical and subtle bodies influence each other. The health of the physical body is reflected in the subtle body and visa versa. Although the physical body does effect the subtle body, the subtle body is more powerful in terms of the shakti and God-force than the physical body. It influences the physical body in strong and profound ways. In fact, the subtle body governs the physical body.  The subtle body is what animates and feeds the physical body especially through the vehicle of the breath. It’s what gives the physical body its life force.

This is why the practice of pranayama is so powerful. Pranayama makes the prana body strong and clear. How do you know your subtle body is healthy and clear? Take a look at your physical body. The physical body is the reflection of the subtle body. If your physical body is unhealthy, weak, disease-ridden, or if you are in a lot of pain, this indicates your subtle body is out of harmony, “off-line”, or clogged.

A frail or clogged subtle body not only shows up in the physical body by the way you feel physically, but it also shows up in the way you feel mentally, emotionally, and attitudinally. Your self-limiting […]

10 05, 2013

Steps to Supporting Our Awakening

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We all long to awaken our heart. But we don’t have total control. What we can control is the environment conducive to that awakening.

But without grace, the power of the universe to reveal your true nature, awakening the heart won’t happen.

After more than 3 decades of yoga practice, I’ve condensed the process into the 4 simple steps below.

Step 1: Open to the heart of the universe. You have to soften first in order to tune into the subtle whisper of the universe.

Step 2: Engage your heart by engaging with life. Stand up for yourself, for what you believe, for what you are passionate about. Don’t abandon yourself or reject yourself if you fail. Stay the course. Choose to transform your challenges into lessons and positive change opportunities. We are co- participators with Grace. It’s a dance between fate (what’s given to you) and destiny (what you do with it). How you engage makes all the difference.

Step 3: Align your heart with nature. Be in the flow of nature and in the flow of your life. How to align with nature in such a way that it uplifts yourself, others, and life around you. This step requires you to constantly get feedback from your surroundings and make the adjustments necessary to bring you into greater alignment.

Step 4: Express yourself fully. Don’t hold back. Offer your gifts to others and serve from your heart without attachment to the results.

When you are open to the heart of the universe, engaged with life, aligned with nature, and expressing your deepest heart desire, you are living from the awakened heart. And when you do that, you can’t help but be happy. Your happiness will light up the world.

In addition to the steps above, […]

3 05, 2013

The Heart is the Center

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I love that Ashaya Yoga focuses on the heart as the essence of our soul. (Ashaya means “abode of the heart”.)           
I recently watched a documentary called “I Am” which shows new scientific discoveries verifying that the brain is no longer considered the “control center” of the self. The heart is.

The heart is the “headquarters” that governs what the brain does. The heart is the essence of being and sends vibrations of wisdom, passion, and discrimination to the brain.

Of course, this is nothing new in yoga. From Nityananda, a great siddha, “The heart is the hub of all sacred places. Go there and roam.” Also in the Upanishads (ancient yogic scripture) the heart is described as the center of the self —

“The Self is hidden in the heart. The shining Self dwells deep in the heart. Everything in the world lives in the Self. The Lord of Love is the source of life and truth.” Mundaka Upanishad                            

In Ashaya Yoga, the emphasis is aligning the body and awakening the heart to discover the unique gift that only you can give the world.

But how do you awaken your heart?

I see students awakening every weekend in my workshops and trainings, some getting only a glimpse and others having a huge breakthrough.

No matter how big, awakening of the heart is not measured in external gains.

Even a brief moment of insight can change your life forever. In my own life, I am constantly longing for ways to awaken. It happens to me almost every day in my practice, in my relationships with others, and just by the very fact that I am alive and breathing.