20 06, 2013

Want to know Grace?

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Dear Friends,

Want to know grace? Okay. Just travel to a foreign country to teach yoga and take a few days off with nothing much to do. Grace was by my side the entire day. It was amazing.

Grace Moment #1:

I’m currently in Madrid and finished teaching a 3-day weekend training. I had Monday off and rested. It was lovely. I found a beautiful grassy spot near a river in the park near where I was staying. The temperature was perfect for yoga outside. I had the most exquisite deep backbend practice in a long time. Many people were out lying in the sun, reading, playing games, and some were working out. Nobody noticed me doing yoga. I fit right in. The day totally flowed.

Grace Moment #2:

On Tuesday I had another most spectacular day, all unexpected. It was a very simple day. Nothing special really. But the way the events of the day unfolded had such a perfection that it was obvious grace was behind it all.

I had an exquisite morning meditation and mini practice. Then I strolled over to the studio to teach a private. However when I went to unlock the studio, the key in the lock would not work. I was told the lock was sensitive. But I stood there for at least 5 minutes trying the key in various ways. Nothing happened. Then one of the Pilates teachers at the studio happened to pass by and saw me struggling. She did not speak English, but we managed to converse enough so she knew I was locked out. She tried the key for a while with no luck, and began calling people on her cell phone to help. A minute later, one of […]

8 06, 2013

Are you fading? Soak up some inspiration

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Yoga and Meditation practice is the most important and most cherished part of my day. Even with the ultra high speed of life these days, practice gets me connected to the universal where I let go and return to a state of calm serenity. The steady, consistent, repetition of daily practice creates a permanent “stain” of divinity in me. The metaphor that drives this home is the old fashion method for staining cloth. You soak the cloth in dye until it is saturated in color. Then let it dry in the sun. The sun fades the color a little. You repeat the process. Soak the cloth again in dye. Let it dry in the sun. The sun fades the dye but not as much as the first time. With each repetition, the color becomes darker and darker until the cloth becomes colorfast. It doesn’t fade any more. The cloth is permanently dyed. So too will spirit become permanently infused into the fabric of your being and will not fade with daily practice.

Namaste, Todd