29 06, 2014

Embracing Shame: Source of True Yogic Light

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Greetings! Happy July!

I’m excited to share my inspiration recently generated from listening to Brene Brown’s CD set, “Men, Women, and Worthiness”, which is a beautiful piece on dealing with shame. She mentions how everyone experiences shame. Brown says that shame is one of the root causes for other dysfunctional or unskillful patterns, such as, perfectionism, addictions, rage, depression, and victimhood.

I’ve been riveted on this teaching as it relates to the authentic practice of yoga and to the power of the real light which can only be sourced from embracing our shadow. This is a new day. The light of yoga today is only true when it includes the power of self-acceptance and self-compassion for our blind spots, limitations, and our shadow. Brene Brown says that we have no choice but to walk through the shame in order to get to the light. Ashaya Yoga™ teaches you how to embrace the less evolved parts of yourself in order to weave back together the dispersed parts of yourself you’ve put out of your heart. This makes so much sense to me. How can I feel a sense of connection to life if I’m constantly pushing away the parts of myself I don’t want to face?

In the teachings of Shiva and Shakti, you can’t jump directly to Shiva, universal consciousness. You need to pass through Shakti. To reveal the great light of consciousness, you need to go through the darkness. You go through the limited to access the unlimited. I always say that I’ve never met anyone enlightened who didn’t have a body.

The shadows that cover the light of consciousness go by many names in yoga. In tantra, it’s the 3 malas. Mala means dust that covers the […]

3 06, 2014

Purnatva: A Moment of Fullness

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Greetings! The fullness of spring in the Northeast is upon us! I’m usually teaching in Europe at this time of year. It’s such a delight to be home and witness the fullness of the season.

A few days ago I had one of the best swim workouts ever. I’m not sure why. It might have been because prior to swimming I did a deep hip opening yoga practice. I managed to be the lead swimmer in my lane, which hardly ever happens.

After swim practice I am driving home feeling fresh, clean, and clear. My breath is totally open and full from the swim. The sun is setting and the light of the early evening is crystal clear. As I’m driving, I look out the window and see the most beautiful spring colors. Everything is full and the colors and shapes seem to jump out at me. The flowers are full. The leaves are full. The grass and trees are super bright green. The sky is blue and the edges around all of the houses are vibrantly clear. I’m having a moment of Purna, fullness. I relax and feel the perfection of the moment. Everything is okay. I am at peace. I am merged with the now in full appreciation of all that is.

Purnatva, the principle of fullness and perfection, (Purna = fullness, perfection. Tva = principle, technology, or the quality of…), is an attribute of the Absolute: that part of us that is unbounded, infinite, eternal, and free. Paul Muller-Ortega (world renown tantric scholar), translates a famous line from the Brihadaranyka Upanishad and Ishad Upanishad:
Purnamadah purnamidam…..”Adam” means over there, “idam” means closer to home, or closer to myself. Fullness is that yonder over there. Fullness […]