Is the Guru Dead? Embracing the Dark and Light In Our Teachers

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Greetings! I was recently interviewed for the Shift Network on the topic, Is the Guru Dead? Embracing Light and Dark In Our Teachers. This is a fascinating topic and worth talking about. I believe in today’s “abuse-of-power” culture, we have a big misunderstanding about the term “guru” and the role of the spiritual teacher. I went into more depth in the interview which is available on my media page. But I wanted to underscore a few things I said and explain more here.

The word “guru” means teacher. It also literally means the weighty one, or the heavy. It refers to the power of being in your center to such an extent that you become unmovable in your dedication to follow your heart and stay connected to a bigger energy. Like a cast iron cauldron, the guru is someone with the capacity to hold space for the full spectrum of light and dark, life’s joys and challenges, without getting knocked off balance.

In a broader sense, guru, comes from the term “gurutva” or the guru principle. This describes the process of learning that life is our teacher, if you are open to receive the lessons. If the student is ready, the teacher appears. If you are open and receptive, you will receive the lesson life is trying to give you. Guru is synonymous with grace in that the guru is the power of the universe to reveal your true nature, which is the highest joy, bliss, and the most unimaginable experience of the light of the divine. In this sense, guru is the process by which we are led from darkness to light, ignorance to knowledge, from the limited to the unlimited, mortal to the immortal.

“Gu” […]