Choosing Alignment with Nature

By |September 4th, 2015|Ashaya Yoga, Todd Norian, Yoga Off the Mat|0 Comments|

Nature never ceases to amaze me. Recently in my Kripalu Retreat based on the Five Elements, the only day of rain was on the water element day. This is not the first time synchronicity has happened. In fact, every time I’ve offered this course, whether at Kripalu or Esalen in CA, an eerie synchronicity like this happens!

In life, there are no coincidences. Whenever any synchronicity happens, it’s the affirmation of the universe telling you that you are in the right place and that grace has your back. When it started to rain on the water day in my program, I said to myself, “Okay. I get the message. I’m meant to be doing exactly what I’m doing.” As I surrender to the power and growth of Ashaya Yoga®, I hear the voice of the universe whispering in my ear, “Trust the process.”

The truth is that whether there’s a synchronicity or not, grace always has your back and the universe is always giving you signals and subtle messages of how to proceed. “Go this way. Go that way. Stay steady. Let go.” When you align with the divine, every moment becomes an opportunity to lead from your heart and flow with the current of life.

The problem is that we become out of alignment with nature. We are out of touch with the deepest desires of our heart. So often we get distracted or deluded into negative thinking or feelings of unworthiness and hopelessness. When I give way to my negative, habitual mind, it will take me to the bottom of the well where I can’t see anything except darkness and despair.

Yoga teaches that you have a choice. You must choose to create a boundary of protection […]