Refilling Your Well

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I’m recently back from a three-week teaching tour in San Antonio, TX and CA that was totally amazing and wonderful! But upon my return I was exhausted. It wasn’t until I was able to let go, rest, and surrender to the bigger energy, that my energy naturally returned. It’s rare that I feel low energy and I had to learn how to not push myself.

I had just returned from California after a three-week teaching tour on the red-eye out of San Jose. It took me days to regain and refill my well. It was only after I let go, surrendered to the tiredness, and chose actions that were nurturing to me physically that my body began to regain energy. I’m grateful to my yoga practice that constantly teaches me how to balance self-effort and grace.

My tour began with an all-levels workshop in San Antonio, TX, followed by Part One of the Ashaya Yoga® In-Depth Study/200-Hour Teacher Training. The dedication and receptivity among the students was so inspiring. Together they created a closely-knit, conscious community of yogis who’ve chosen to bring their best selves forward and make a difference in the world. I’m truly grateful to be among them.

After the training I went to my Mom’s in Mission Viejo, CA for a family visit and work retreat. My sister and brother-in-law from Carlsbad, CA came for dinner one night. I offered a couple private yoga therapy sessions to my Mom and one to my sister. It’s a lot of fun to work with family and it’s so gratifying for me to be able to give back to them.

Then I traveled north to Big Sur, CA to begin my magical journey at Esalen Institute. If you […]