Shiva Nataraja: Invisible Thread of Grace

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Greetings! I hope you’re having a wonderful summer. Although I’m super busy teaching and traveling, I’m having an excellent summer. I just finished teaching the Teacher Renewal and Radiance Gathering at Angel’s Rest Retreat in Leyden, MA. It was incredible! The students were among the most receptive, open-hearted, and compassionate yogis I’ve ever had the honor of being with. We had wonderful asana sessions, deep philosophy, early morning practices, meditation, contemplation, journal writing, kirtan chanting, and therapeutics. In addition, we performed puja (a sacred ritual to honor the five elements), and had some sacred circles of sharing that opened everybody’s heart. The theme of the week was based on the transformative teachings of the Saptah Tandavas (the seven dances of Shiva Nataraja).

Upon returning home I had numerous insights about the Nataraja including the idea that grace is constantly being dispensed. But we are usually asleep to it. Grace is difficult to experience because it’s beyond our senses: can’t see it, smell it, hear it, taste it, or touch it. It’s easy to miss and easy to ignore. Grace is invisible and moves behind the scenes.

What is grace really? Grace is the power of the universe that reveals your true nature which is joy. Grace is responsible for everything that happens. It’s what makes you breathe. It makes the universe function, planets spin, and the sun rise and set. It’s what makes things come into existence, stay a while, and then dissolve back into the cosmos. Grace creates and sustains the entire universe, including all of us.

Within the statue of Shiva Nataraja, it is said that all the secrets of the universe are revealed. After many years of study and contemplation on the Nataraja, I […]