Embrace Your “Inner Aliens”

By |November 14th, 2016|Yoga Off the Mat|0 Comments|

Greetings! I taught a class on Halloween day in Cincinnati after my weekend workshop. My theme was “embrace your inner aliens” and just for fun, after the Om, I slipped on a green alien mask and offered everyone a Namaste. The class ripped up into laughter!

We all have inner aliens that scare us. These are our core-wounded identities and patterns of limiting thinking and behavior. In a sense, we’ve all alienated ourselves from our true nature – joy. We’ve forgotten our divine heritage and have separated ourselves from the Absolute. We walk around like ocean-less waves. Through self-limiting beliefs and layers of stress, we have dimmed and darkened the light within.

Brene Brown, renown psychologist and author, calls these aliens, “gremlins”. These are the negative thoughts we say to ourselves. In my experience, these “aliens or gremlins” can all be boiled down to one basic emotion: fear. But fear has many derivatives – worry, anxiety, doubt, frustration, anger, blame, and depression, to name a few. These shadow emotions are part of who we are, but not all of who we are. We forget that along with our core-wounded identities is our divine identity. We all have the DNA of the divine. Our divine identity recognizes and embraces the full spectrum of our being, both light and dark, both core-wounded identity and divine identity.

Halloween comes from the Celtic word samhain (pronounced “sum ween”) which is a time at the end of the harvest post summer where the veil between the two worlds, spiritual and physical, becomes very thin. As the myth goes, a threshold opens up where hostile spirits of the departed are free to roam and cause disturbances. To appease the angry spirits, the villagers […]