Gratitude for 2016!

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Dear Friends,

Holiday Greetings! As we move closer to the nadir of darkness (winter Solstice), daylight becomes rarer and more precious. This morning, after a deep practice, I just stared out the window at the amazing light of the new dawn. It was breath-taking!

There is a preciousness in the waning of the light. It reminds me of the preciousness of life and how little time we have on this earth. I’m filled with gratitude for all the abundance in my life – abundance of love, relationship, health, purpose, community, and meaningfulness. It reminds me not to take life for granted because it is here today and gone tomorrow.

Knowing that our time here is short informs my life in a profound way. I choose to risk being authentic and truthful rather than lying to protect myself or another. I prioritize serving others and shining my light instead of playing small. I choose to rise up in times of challenge rather than shut down and allow fear to stop me.

When I reflect over the past year, I am grateful for the blessings I’ve received both personally and professionally. I had my busiest year of teaching on record. I taught 160 days and traveled 58 days. I taught to sold out rooms in San Antonio, Toronto Yoga Conference, Essex, NY, Defiance, OH, Redding, CT, Kripalu Yoga Teachers Conference, Portland, ME, Nantucket Yoga Festival, Collingwood, ON, Fayetteville, WV, and Cincinnati, OH. In addition, I co-taught with my dear friend and teacher Professor Douglas Brooks, world renown tantric scholar, in Lenox, MA. It was thrilling!

Ashaya Yoga® grew and expanded exponentially. In September of this year, there were a total of five Ashaya Yoga 200-Hour Trainings happening at the same time […]