We Live In a Call and Response Universe of Grace

By |June 14th, 2018|Yoga Off the Mat|0 Comments|

Just like most kirtans (Sanskrit chanting session) that have a call and response rhythm, (the leader chants a line of the chant by him/herself followed by the group responding by chanting back the same line), we are in a constant call and response rhythm with grace. Sometimes grace calls and you respond, and other times you call, and grace responds.

What I’ve noticed lately is that grace is constantly being dispersed. But I’m almost always asleep to it. Last week was different. I began noticing how grace was absolutely working in my life. The more instances of grace I became aware of, the more I observed that grace truly is happening in every moment, not just to me, but to everyone.

The key to following your heart and having a spiritual connection to life, is having a deep-seated belief that grace is happening all of the time. If I could just tune into it all of the time, my life would probably go a lot smoother, or at least I would enjoy the cosmic joke or Lila (Lila in Sanskrit means play, sport, or game). What is great about this idea is that the Tantric tradition considers life a dance, a play, or a Lila. In fact, the universe is constantly playing a game of hide-and-seek with us every day. This is why I try not to judge myself when I sleep through a grace moment or forget that I’m divine. If I never forgot my connection to source, I wouldn’t have the joy of remembering!

Last week there were several distinct moments of grace that turned my world around. I got a new title for my car which requires a new registration and new plates. I […]