14 12, 2018

We Are One Heart

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I just completed Part Two of the Four-Part Ashaya Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training in St. Michaels, MD. I was blown away by the courageous transformation of the students and the love of the group. I taught a session on holiday cheer and good will, emphasizing that good will comes from an appreciation of life. It’s an inside job – it starts with you being good to yourself.

One of my assistants at the training, Marianna, offered me a ride to the airport since our flights departed at the same time. However, as we were running a bit late, she had to drop off her car at the rental car return which meant that we would have to take a bus to the terminal. I was a bit concerned about this because I was traveling with four heavy bags!

When I got to the door of the bus and tried to load up my four bags, an officer in full military uniform saw my struggle. He was a big guy and very strong. With a smile ear to ear, he said, “Let me get that for you.” He picked up both bags at the same time as if they had feathers in them and loaded them up on the rack. I was as impressed as I was grateful. He was in the seat right next to the luggage rack and there was an empty seat next to his. He slid over one seat and invited me to sit down next to him.

In no time, we struck up a conversation. I thanked him for his help and jokingly said, “You’re really strong but I’ve got you beat on flexibility. I’m a yoga teacher.” He laughed and said, “That’s […]

3 12, 2018

The Runaway Cart!

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Greetings! I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was enjoyable and grace-filled. I had a wonderful time catching up with old friends and had a birthday on November 25thand I celebrated joyously. I’m so grateful for community and authentic connections! Very nourishing.

I hear this often, “I do my practices every day, but I’m still stressed out.” Life moves fast and it’s not slowing down. It’s speeding up. How then can we maintain our balance? What happens when yoga is not enough?

World-renowned scholar Douglas Brooks says, “Crisis is the normal state of affairs. Embrace the idea. We try to make order in a world of entropy.”What is entropy? It’s the state of breakdown and dissolution. Things tend to gather dust and decompose when left alone for a while. Don’t vacuum and dust bunnies magically appear. When you come back from vacation, just look inside your fridge. The blue/green/purple/black mold growing on everything? That’s entropy! It’s a natural phenomenon.

Order is just one aspect of reality. Another aspect is stochasticity– a fancy word that means randomly determined. Here’s an example of how science uses the word – “Environmental stochasticity refers to unpredictable spatiotemporal fluctuation in environmental conditions.” Basically, it’s the inability to precisely predict the future state of something based on constantly changing variables. Possible things can’t really be predicted, but they can be predicted within parameters. Where will the next wave hit the shore? You can’t tell for sure, but tides do go in and out. Chaos is something you can’t anticipate. You can only embrace.

Is yoga trying to tell us there’s an alternate reality of bliss somewhere out there? No. Yoga is trying to help us embrace chaos. Not solve it but be in it. Ugh! Who wants that?

What can […]