28 02, 2020

Meditate. Activate. Generate.

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Meditate. Activate. Generate. This is my mantra and reason for meditating. Understanding this inspires me to prioritize meditation, not only as a daily spiritual practice, but as a practical tool that supports my vision for following my heart and living my dream. If it can do that for me, meditation can do it for you too.

Meditate: When you sit for meditation you draw into the source and dwell in the light of the primordial life force, the essence of the pulsation of life. In that space, you connect more deeply with your life purpose.

Activate:  You activate and wake up to your reason for living and touch the immense good fortune and joy of being alive.

Generate: Meditation is preparation for activity in your day. It carries you deeply inward which activates the memory of why you are here. Then you move into your day and generate results making good things happen, serving others, bringing in the light, and manifesting your dream for a better world full of meaning, joy, and freedom.

Meditation, as taught in the Kashmir Shaiva Tantra tradition, is preparation for activity.
That’s not normally what people think meditation is for. Most people think meditation is about calming the mind, or increasing concentration and focus, or for transcendence.

Meditation is all those things. But when you meditate, you consciously move closer to the source of life. You automatically sift through the field of thoughts, releasing them one by one, until you settle into the depths of your own being. One image that comes to mind was when I taught on a yoga cruise for Yoga Journal years ago. We toured the Western Caribbean and on one of the islands, we swam with the stingrays. The stingray is an […]

2 02, 2020

What Must We Risk to Give and Receive Love?

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With Valentine’s Day coming up this month I’ve been reflecting on the topic of love and relationship. According to psychologist and bestselling author Dr. Sue Johnson, it’s not sex that drives our deepest urges and actions in life. It’s our need for emotional connection and attachment. Human beings are bonding mammals. We need connections with others, not only for our own survival and safety, but for emotional stability.

Then why is bonding, connection, and love so difficult? Among the many possible reasons, fear of pain is the main one.
We fear the very thing we long for – connection.
Falling in love or getting closer to another person brings the risk of rejection and hurt. We can’t live without it. Yet living with it can be challenging.

Pain seems to come with the territory. There’s pain either way. When you shut down, close your heart and isolate to protect yourself from pain, paradoxically there’s pain. Similarly, there’s pain in opening your heart and being vulnerable.
But the pain from closing down is the pain that deepens the pain, while the pain from opening your heart is the pain that heals the pain.
Stay Open:

In yoga, we want to choose to open up and be vulnerable. This is the first essential of Ashaya Yoga, Open. Of course, there are times when we feel that we have to close down. There are appropriate times to put up a boundary. Sharing what’s really going on in your heart and being able to listen wholeheartedly with curiosity and interest to the other’s experience is what opens the relationship and creates the bond. When you feel safe to be in your most vulnerable self, healthy attachment forms.

The love attachment bond strengthens us. If the attachment […]