Head, Heart, and Covid-19

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I was devastated when I got the news that my India trip in March was cancelled. I had been looking forward to this for about eight months. I got all of my immunization shots, spent considerable time and energy purchasing airline tickets, making travel arrangements, and purchasing travel paraphernalia like suitcase locks, a money pouch, anti-bacterial wipes, and masks (well, masks were sold out everywhere.)

Then a colleague of mine asked for my advice about whether or not to cancel her sold out yoga retreat in Morocco. While telling her my story about cancelling India, an insight emerged.
How much is my personal attachment to go through with the retreat clouding my wisdom about doing the right thing?
You have to discern between your attachment and what you know in your heart. Attachment comes from the head. Wisdom comes from the heart. To make good decisions and feel integrated about it afterwards (rather than doubting yourself, feeling guilt or shame), you need both head and heart to work together.

Here’s an inquiry that really helped me get clear:
How do you go through loss? Do you accept it easily or do you resist it and fight back? How does your personal attachment get in the way of your judgment?
To arrive at a conscious decision that unites mind and heart, you have to sort out the various voices in your head. I had a few different voices – the voice of denial, the voice of fear, and the voice of anger, sadness, and loss, that covered up my voice of wisdom.

Voice of Denial: “The virus isn’t really that bad. I’m healthy. It will just be like a mild cold. So what’s the big deal?”

Voice of Fear: “I could get really […]