Todd Norian

Todd Norian

Todd’s Story

Todd Norian, E-RYT 500, teaches yoga with the heartfelt intention to awaken others to their inherent potential for unlimited joy, vitality, and fulfillment. Founder of Ashaya Yoga, Todd’s style is one of precise biomechanical alignment infused with heart. He excels at making deep philosophical teachings accessible and relatable. With warmth and humor, Todd creates a sanctuary of sublime transformation in which students step into the power of their own heart. A student of yoga since 1980, Todd studied many styles of heart-centered and alignment-based yoga. He continues to study extensively with several Tantric scholars, including Paul Muller-Ortega and Professor Douglas Brooks. Todd teaches workshops and trainings internationally and is a talented musician who has created several CDs of music for yoga.

“My music studies were the gateway to and preparation for my becoming a yogi. Through music, I developed the discipline of practice along with the concentration and sensitivity to listen to and distinguish subtleties of vibration and ultimately to appreciate beauty.”

“While I was a jazz student at the University of Miami in 1980, I took my first yoga class at the Miami Institute of Iyengar Yoga. My teachers were Sam Dworkis and Bobbi Goldin. I’ll never forget that first class. I was required to take three private lessons with Sam before joining the general level class. I was so stiff I couldn’t touch my toes. I hurt all over. During the relaxation at the end of what seemed like a torture session in my first general class, I relaxed as if for the first time in my life. I remember the beautiful and powerful flute music, “Inside the Taj Mahal” by Paul Horn and the scent of sandalwood incense. Tears began flowing from my eyes and formed little pools of water in my ears. I felt deeply moved by something much bigger and more powerful than anything I had ever experienced before. I felt as though a blanket of grace had been draped over my previously aching body. All my pain had been released, and I felt open and spacious. I felt free inside, and I experienced the perfection of the universe as myself. After a few months of yoga practice, I started to become more limber. I found myself more calm and relaxed in life situations, and I was consistently experiencing a heightened awareness of everything around me.”

“In 1982, I graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Studies and was offered a fellowship to pursue a master’s program in jazz composition and teaching. Before beginning the fellowship, I attended the Eastman School of Music Jazz Summer Program in Rochester, New York. On the way home, I visited a friend at a yoga retreat in Pennsylvania called Kripalu. While there, I decided to enroll in a 10-day course called “Quest For the Limitless You”. During this course, my heart burst wide open and I experienced a huge shift in consciousness that rocked my world. I found my spiritual coordinates in life and passionately dedicated myself to the practice of yoga, awakening, and service to others. I relinquished my fellowship and stayed at Kripalu for the next 13 years. I taught yoga classes and workshops and later directed the yoga teacher training program, training over 1000 Kripalu teachers. Those years at Kripalu deepened my spiritual practice and opened my heart to the transformational power of yoga. In 1994, I married a fellow Kripalu resident.”

“My music took on a whole new dimension as I discovered the wonders of kirtan chanting. Instead of playing at smoky jazz clubs late at night, I woke up early in the morning, practiced yoga, and ended my day with chanting. I created several CDs of music for yoga and meditation. After a few years, I founded Shakti Fusion, an eight-piece jazz/rock/world beat/Sanskrit kirtan fusion band.”

“From 1995-2001, I was trained in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, a mind-body method of healing that integrates the physical, emotional, psychological, and transpersonal aspects of healing. I became one of the senior trainers and mentors in this method.”

“In 1997, I began studying Anusara Yoga. The alignment principles of Anusara opened my body more in two years than the previous 17 years of practice. I was introduced to several Tantric scholars during this time that inspired a much deeper and broader perspective of life. It was during this time that I deepened my studies of therapeutics based on precise alignment techniques. In 2012, I resigned my Anusara license and founded Ashaya Yoga.”

Students Say

“Todd is an exemplary teacher in every way. His knowledge of all aspects of yoga is stunning, and the way he presents the teachings is fully engaging. He is exceedingly present with his students and teaches with an ease and eloquence that can hold your attention for hours. I especially savored his dharma talks. The spiritual aspects of yoga have always been an integral part of my practice, and Todd helped deepen my connection to spirit and to myself. A good teacher opens you up to new ideas and expands your mind with new learning. A great teacher opens windows to your soul so you can find your way home to your heart. Todd Norian is that kind of teacher.”
Nancy Deputter, London, ON

“Todd Norian is one of those rare teachers you truly feel seen by. His empathy, compassion, and devotion to his students and to the practice of Yoga is unparalleled.”
Suzie Hurley, InSpirit Yoga, Takoma Park, MD

“Todd is an incredible teacher. The last time I took a class with Todd was a year ago and his level of growth is amazing. What strikes me the most is that he has significantly simplified, clarified and internalized his instructions and philosophical presentation. This has brought a power to his teaching that is tangible and transformative. Todd always had (and has) incredible heart but some times I felt that he had not found HIS voice. I can now say he has found it and this makes his presence a gift to everyone – living proof of the Magic of the Midline!!!!”
Jennifer Harvey, Studio owner, Wellesley, MA

“I’ve gained so much…a stronger sense of self and love, so much more knowledge about alignment, tools for living beautifully.”
Gabriel Adams, Great Barrington, MA

“What I’ve gained is immeasurable. I’ve gained a new faith, a new confidence, and most importantly, a new set of skills that I can use in my every day life to share that love and peace that Todd and Ann bring to their teaching.”
Jeanine Oburchay, Bridgeport, CT

“This experience was transformative – life enhancing and I am very grateful for this opportunity to learn, grow and become fully the me that I am.”
Brenda Dowell, Ontario, Canada

“Your program requires your students to demonstrate the highest level of technical teaching skills yet it also requires your students to fully open their hearts. While your program is amazing, it is your heart that provides the support those students need for the transformation. I am eternally grateful.”
Randy Boyd, Edmond, WV

Yoga Alliance Therapy Disclaimer

The yoga therapy components of Todd’s teaching are based on his extensive training, study, and personal experience of many healing modalities, including physical therapy, therapeutic massage, bodywork, energy work, alignment-based yoga, and healing his own injuries and those of his students through the Ashaya Method. These techniques are not derived from his status as an ERYT-500 with Yoga Alliance Registry.