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Ashaya Yoga photo dyeing cloth from Killer Bee Designs

Yoga and Meditation practice is the most important and most cherished part of my day. Even with the ultra high speed of life these days, practice gets me connected to the universal where I let go and return to a state of calm serenity. The steady, consistent, repetition of daily practice creates a permanent “stain” of divinity in me. The metaphor that drives this home is the old fashion method for staining cloth. You soak the cloth in dye until it is saturated in color. Then let it dry in the sun. The sun fades the color a little. You repeat the process. Soak the cloth again in dye. Let it dry in the sun. The sun fades the dye but not as much as the first time. With each repetition, the color becomes darker and darker until the cloth becomes colorfast. It doesn’t fade any more. The cloth is permanently dyed. So too will spirit become permanently infused into the fabric of your being and will not fade with daily practice.

Namaste, Todd