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Ashaya Ecstatic Dance Party!

A Tantric New Year’s Celebration!

Bring in the Bliss!


Ashaya Ecstatic
Dance Party!

Wednesday Dec. 27, 2023, 6-715 p.m. ET  FREE Live Online Dance Party! BYOB! (bring your own bliss!)

with Tantric Master Yogi DJ,

Todd Norian

Life is the most precious gift we could ever receive! Let’s get together to celebrate another year of our aliveness! Let’s celebrate our precious relationships with each other, ourselves, the universe, and our friends, family, and beloveds. 



Shiva Nataraja, the cosmic dancer, dances the eternal rhythms of the universe into existence. She’s telling us that life is supposed to be a dance, not a dirge. So, let’s get down and do it!


Why does Nataraja dance? FOR THE SHEER DELIGHT OF IT! She’s so filled with bliss that she can’t sit still. She has to move. In the murti (statue) of Nataraja, one part is steady while other parts are in motion. Both happen simultaneously which catapults us into the great paradox – we are both limited and unlimited, bound and free, mortal and immortal, steady and wild!

Ashaya III Essex 2018-121.jpg

Come UNLEASH your wild side in this FREE Tantric dance party! I’ll guide a brief centering, then play some of my all-time favorite dance music including new, old, jazz, rock, funk, rap, Latin, with uplifting conscious lyrics and rhythms. 


Come as you are and boogie down with a friend or all by yourself! You are never alone! At the end, I’ll guide a deep and restful Savasana followed by a closing meditation for wholeness, healing, and world peace!


Will you dance with me? I hope to see you there!


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