Dear Friends,

Spring flowersGreetings! Spring is just around the corner. The air smells fresh. The bird chirps are beginning to return. The light of the sun is bringing back the promise of warmer weather, new life, creativity, and ease of being. Speaking of fresh, I have a fresh new website. Please check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks to Taylor McFarland of Revive Creative!

Teacher Training PictureI just completed part 3 of 4 of the premier Ashaya Yoga 200-hour Teacher Training. It is a miraculous event on all levels. The students’ dedication and longing for freedom is unparalleled. We practice asanas, kriyas, pranayamas, mantras, and meditations every morning. We study the science and art of teaching yoga and how to create a space where students’ hearts crack open. We explore the amazing teachings of the Bhagavad Gita and reflect on how these teachings show up in our lives. We listen and share. We laugh and cry; tears of deep suffering and joy. Our hearts fill with the light and compassion of the universal as we chant kirtan. It was such a magical time to savor the gift of yoga, community, and life. Thank you to all of the participants and staff who helped create sacred space.

A function of consciousness is the gift of awareness. Grace is always being dispersed. But generally we are unaware of it. When you notice the little things in moments of reflection or deeper contemplation, you begin to see and experience the energetic fabric of life surrounding you. It’s like being wrapped in a cocoon of comfort that always takes care of your needs.

Teacher Training PosesHave you ever become aware of a synchronicity that you know could have only been choreographed by grace? Each day I try to be aware of these moments. When they happen, no matter how small or insignificant they seem, I am filled with the promise of the goodness of life. I am reminded that I am in the right place, doing the right thing, and living my dharma (one’s duty or authentic life purpose). It’s as if the universe says to me, “I see you. I’m with you. You’re on the right track.”

One such experience happened for me the night Teacher Training part 3 ended.

Getting ready for my normal evening ritual of brushing my teeth, I was listening to Pandora Radio (Bill Evans station, a jazz pianist I adore). At the same time, coming from our Zen room, (living room), I heard music coming from Ann’s computer. She was listening to a YouTube station or some website with music. Because of my musical background, I have what’s called relative pitch. (Perfect pitch is when you hear a note and know exactly which note of the scale it is. Relative pitch is when you recognize chords and sounds that match up and are either harmonious or discordant.)

The Pandora I was listening to and the music from the Zen room were in the same key. In addition, they had synchronized rhythms and chord changes. Two different music sources, totally in sync. It was eerie. But then I turned on my electric toothbrush. Get this: my toothbrush motor (which also has a tone) was the major 3rd of the key of the music. My toothbrush was in exactly the same key as the other two music pieces! There I was brushing my teeth in 3-part harmony with music that could have only been orchestrated by the “master conductor”. Then, I kid you not, when my toothbrush cycle had completed, the other two music sources ended. I smiled and said, “Thank you universe for the reminder. You rule!” Then I bowed in front of the mirror.

Teacher Training PictureWhat’s the lesson? The universe is always playing music. There’s a divine order to things, but I’m hardly ever aware of it. There are little windows that open up occasionally when I am in the right frame of mind, when I feel as though all is well, and when I know I have served so fully and given my best and my all. This is how I felt after the TT. I had spent 10 days prior to the training continuously writing and rewriting the TT manual. I produced and edited over 100 pages for this segment of part 3. Then the training itself was 45 hours in 5 days, plus 2 hours of planning each night before bed. I was up at 5:40 a.m. to drive 22 minutes to the studio to teach morning sadhana (spiritual practices) and then deliver 8 hours of teaching. To say the least, I was full out. And there I was brushing my teeth in concert with the universal, in awe of its organization, beauty, and uncanny sense of humor. All is well…..

Here’s to a wonderful Spring. May you enjoy the little things in life. May you be reminded again and again of your divine inheritance and that you are, not only in the flow and part of the flow, as much as everything else in nature, but that you ARE the flow. You are grace with a brain – your brain. The universe is in you as you, appreciating itself.

Much love,