Healing is part of our nature if we allow it.

Since having my hip replaced the first week in January, I’ve been recovering at home and learning a lot about letting go and allowing nature to heal me. The first week was a little challenging.  Physical challenges from digestive issues to a fever thankfully passed in a couple of days. The second week was much better. Now walking without crutches and doing my PT and yoga exercises, I started to gain back my strength.

In the first 10 days, I tried to soldier through the pain. I had an aversion to taking the pain medication since I have heard so much negative about them. However, I was in more pain than I knew and lost hours of sleep every night trying to tough it out. Then I learned that getting a full night’s rest is the key to healing.

Inspired by a friend who had hip surgery recently and claimed her healing increased when she took her medication regularly and slept well, I decided to surrender my resistance and take the pain medication. What an amazing difference that made! I slept well and found new strength the next day. In fact, that day, I added on more yoga poses and then drove to my friend’s house to watch the Patriot’s game. What an amazing game! I really enjoyed myself. Just the release I needed after feeling so bound up with pain.

Now in my third week post-surgery, everything is going well. I feel less pain, am able to move around better, and I can finally flex my hip a bit. Hip flexion takes a while to come back but it helps tremendously with walking, putting on socks, and getting dressed! Today I was able to take up my practice of a 5-minute Headstand followed by a 5-minute Shoulderstand. Ahhhh! I see the light at the end of the tunnel!

How interesting that by dedicating myself to taking the medication, I increased my healing potential. Instead of soldiering through, I learned that it’s better to take the edge off of the pain. But my issue was more about surrendering into using the medication to support my healing process. I had to release my fear and learn how to love myself and my process by becoming humble.

Here are some reflections I did during my initial healing time that helped me open to the healing power of nature. I invite you to reflect on what keeps you from aligning with nature. What’s in the way of your healing? What resistance might you be able to let go of? How can you support yourself to heal, remain calm, and return to your center?

May you surrender to the healing power of nature and may you rest deeply at night to wake up refreshed and renewed!

Thanks for all of your love and support during this time of healing. I look forward to seeing you at a workshop soon.