Meditate. Activate. Generate. This is my mantra and reason for meditating. Understanding this inspires me to prioritize meditation, not only as a daily spiritual practice, but as a practical tool that supports my vision for following my heart and living my dream. If it can do that for me, meditation can do it for you too.

Meditate: When you sit for meditation you draw into the source and dwell in the light of the primordial life force, the essence of the pulsation of life. In that space, you connect more deeply with your life purpose.

Activate:  You activate and wake up to your reason for living and touch the immense good fortune and joy of being alive.

Generate: Meditation is preparation for activity in your day. It carries you deeply inward which activates the memory of why you are here. Then you move into your day and generate results making good things happen, serving others, bringing in the light, and manifesting your dream for a better world full of meaning, joy, and freedom.

Meditation, as taught in the Kashmir Shaiva Tantra tradition, is preparation for activity.

That’s not normally what people think meditation is for. Most people think meditation is about calming the mind, or increasing concentration and focus, or for transcendence.

Meditation is all those things. But when you meditate, you consciously move closer to the source of life. You automatically sift through the field of thoughts, releasing them one by one, until you settle into the depths of your own being. One image that comes to mind was when I taught on a yoga cruise for Yoga Journal years ago. We toured the Western Caribbean and on one of the islands, we swam with the stingrays. The stingray is an amazing fish with a flat thin body shaped kind of like a diamond with a long tail. It’s very graceful when it swims as its fins undulate with the waves of the water. It moves from the surface down to the sandy bottom. You have to be careful because if you step on them, they can sting you!

At the surface of consciousness are waves of thoughts that rise and fall.

The mind is tossed around like a buoy carried by waves and underwater currents of emotion, desires, preferences, judgments, as well as, thoughts that secure our survival and sense of physical and emotional safety.

But deeper down, near the bottom of the ocean, where the undulation of waves is nonexistent and where the currents are usually slower or few and far between, there is a sense of stillness and serenity. When your meditation carries you this far down, it’s like sitting close to the essence of the life force itself. You steep in the deep peace of your being. Being close to this presence for only a few minutes has the power to totally rejuvenate every cell in your body.

Steeping in this space so close to the source of all that is, you begin to absorb its qualities of stillness, spaciousness, clarity, and light. It’s very much like your body becomes a crystal. When you put a crystal next to a light source, the crystal takes on the color of the light that’s near it. The light shines and reflects into the windows of the crystal. Likewise, when you sit close to the source of the life force, you begin to shine with the color of the life force. Your cells get reordered. What might have disturbed you emotionally before meditation is now neutralized in your bodymind. After meditation, what bothered you before, bothers you less or not at all. It’s a miracle.

It’s this absorption of the lifeforce that gives you a broader perspective to act in the world with spaciousness and kindness. Your inner world slows down enough where you see with the clear eyes of grace as if grace were seeing through you.

Experiencing your life from this place is one of the highest goals of meditation because this is what prepares you to do your best work in the world.

You make better decisions. You have a clear vision. You become reasonable yet inspired to dream big. You see with eyes of compassion much more readily and all judgments melt into gratitude for what is. With meditation, you’re less attached when you fail and you’re able to learn quickly without rejecting yourself or believing that somehow you are flawed.

You’re less flustered by life’s challenges or little inconveniences. For instance, today I was running a bit late for a meeting in town. I ran downstairs into the garage and saw that the tailgate was up. “Uh oh!”, I said to myself. I tried to start up my car. But the battery was dead. Somehow the tailgate was left opened overnight. “Who did that?” I ranted. I did. But I don’t remember doing it.

I figured out later that it’s entirely possible that when I took my keys out of my pocket at night, I may have touched the tailgate opener button which could have triggered the opening of the tailgate without my knowing it. Scrambling, I asked Stephanie if I could borrow her car. She said yes and I made it to my meeting on time. After the meeting, I calmly called AAA and the car was fixed in less than an hour. This was a non-issue.

I invite you to meditate, activate, and generate the life you truly wish to live. For more information on how to do this, or to steep next to the source of all that is, join me for an upcoming workshop or training.





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