Project Description

The Alchemy of Ashaya Yoga. This is a demonstration of Handstand Split at the wall with a Cobra dismount. This is awesome for developing slowness and control in the Handstand Pose while hugging the midline. The more you hug, the lighter and more grounded you become. But if you over hug, you become rigid. You must find the balance and integration of all of the 5 elements: earth, water, fire, air, and sky, in order to find ease in this posture. The dismount shows how to float and defy gravity by learning how to use gravity to your advantage. This kind of hugging in and engagement in the body develops, over many years, the capacity to walk lightly on this earth and continue to expand and grow with age rather than shrink and be pulled down by gravity (and by life) over the years. Hugging in paradoxically creates more lightness. It’s never about the challenges that arise in life. We all have them. It’s about how you engage with them. Either the challenges squash and diminish you, or the challenges make you stronger. It’s your choice.