Dear Friends,

Although necessary, self-acceptance is just the beginning. It is the doorway to the heart where the vast illuminative state of awakened consciousness awaits your arrival.

Awakened consciousness is already pre-programmed within you. There is nothing you need to add or remove artificially. It is in your DNA. The slow gradual progressive awakening of your inborn potential comes about naturally. This process of awakening can be nurtured and sped up through the practice of yoga, pranayama, meditation and mantra. As the seed eventually becomes itself as the tree, so too, you eventually become your fullest self as the whole universe.

I am so inspired to practice now, more than ever before, because I have a clearer sense that practice is the sole purpose, the deepest expression of my longing to truly know myself and free myself from the self-limiting beliefs that block me from living every moment in the Absolute. Although I have no delusions about living in higher states of consciousness, I’m beginning to get a glimpse of what’s possible.

I believe this is everyone’s potential, to live with greater clarity, greater strength, with an expanded, unbiased vision of life, with such stillness and depth of perception that you are able to see all that is with flowing compassion and acceptance. From this space within, there is nothing else to do but savor and serve the miracle and great mystery of life.