Testimonials of Past Ashaya Yoga Students

Todd’s teachings are a gift that I like to give myself every now and then. Out of all of the master teachers whom I have taken workshops with, Todd’s are by far, the best. His teachings truly resonate with me in my heart and mind. The precise alignment coupled with the eloquent wording of his teachings, make him not only authentic, but spark enthusiasm in others who are committed to the study and practice of yoga.

Laurie Trupp

I have experienced deeper states of calm from the more consistent practice of meditation. I have come to a new level of self acceptance, recognizing my imperfections. I understand my “not enough” feelings are common to others. I allow myself to be more vulnerable. I convey calm and reassurance with my voice and my students have commented that they appreciate my presence with them.

200HR YTT Grad 2016

From this class I received great insight into the potential and possibilities of a committed Ashaya Yoga Practice. Transformation awaits those who study and practice and continue to grow.

200HR YTT Graduate 2016

I appreciate Todd’s continued deepening of creating sacred space for transformation and the lovely way in which he includes EVERYONE from newbies to old Ashaya folks, everyone feels welcome and a sweet community is formed. This touches me deeply and directly affects my own teaching and ability to create sacred space.

Cathy Whelehan, Touch of Grace 300-HR module 2016

I gained a confidence in myself that comes from an authentic passion for the practice. A deeper understanding and interest in my own personal experience also helps me to translate the practice to others. From this place of deeper connection I can see my classes are growing in numbers and I can offer an authentic, genuine class!


Sara Jane Whitridge, 200-HR Graduate 2016

I enjoyed the pace and flow of all 5 days. I felt the lectures were engaging and extremely interesting. I thought everything was presented in a very loving way while being challenging at the same time. I enjoyed myself very much. I feel as though a new special world has opened up for me that intrigues me. I feel motivated to learn more about this new world.

Trisha Frank

You are an incredible teacher. Your wealth of knowledge, passion and compassion shines through your teachings. The length and the way you presented each element, each moment of sharing, each intense hip opener and all of the fun flying dance parties, arm balances and music was so deliberate and so on point. At least for me, those 5 days represented a journey. One in which with everyday that went by I felt as though I could uncover another layer of myself and yet when it began to feel too overwhelming, I hear your teaching on Shiva telling me that it’s okay and to ‘just chill’.

Sarah-Monique Chanona

I just wanted to thank you for an amazing weekend here in Baltimore. Your workshop falls at a time in my life when your teachings on relationships, concealment, and the shadow are sorely needed, and I did feel that you were teaching directly to me much of the time. I am developing a new found passion for yoga and I can see your workshop being a significant catalyst in this regard. You are an extremely gifted teacher, and it was a true pleasure to have the opportunity to learn from you.

Andrew Clarke

I was lucky enough to attend a class with you this past Sunday morning at Kripalu. I really enjoyed your guidance, appreciated your adjustments, and admired your ability to make every person in the room feel safe and seen. Of course, the music was lovely too!

I was very inspired by your teaching style – such a fine balance of mind, body, and heart – and I hope to join an Ashaya Yoga workshop or retreat sometime soon. Thank you for the experience – it was the highlight of my weekend at Kripalu.

Meg Schader

Paul and Todd personify positive universal energy, delight, acceptance, sacredness and grace. I feel honored to be a part of Ashaya Yoga and the opportunities available to me.

Student from Philosophy Training