Testimonials of Past Ashaya Yoga Students

Todd’s ability to hold space in a loving, firm manner is a wonder and inspiration. He has so much to teach and there is so much to learn. It’s an honor to be a part of his vision. Ashaya has turned out to be the most amazing logical step – I asked for it and I received it. Evidence yet again to follow the heart. It’s very clear to me that I am far from finished here.

Jody Potter

Todd’s presence, his heart, the undeniable evidence of his devotion to his path, his maturity along that path and his willingness to share it with openness and vulnerability. He provides a role model for authenticity and for me to ask, “Ok, he is doing his Dharma…what is the work of my life?” I also think he has great sensitivity to the balance of sitting for lecture, moving alone, meeting in small groups, the seriousness and depth of the material mixed with the lightness of fun and play of Lila. I think he uses his tremendous God-given gifts and talents in ways that are so suited to him and also show the fruits of his hard dedicated work over the years.

Susan Lebel Young

What a real pleasure and incredible opportunity to be a part of your theme training module. I can’t begin to express how excited I am, and how grateful to have meaningful tools – a recipe! – in which to grow as I apply it and practice practice practice. I taught 2 classes yesterday (Sunday) using my worthiness theme from Friday morning – so cool for me, and then two classes today on a different theme. Also went very well and great practice in weaving theme around action, attaching heart virtue context statements, etc etc.  I already notice a difference in how my students respond. They don’t quite know what’s different, but I can tell they know something is different. I can tell by the way they relate and respond to me both during and after class. Thank you so very much for guiding me and sharing your experience and your technique with me.

Student in 300-Hour YTT

Todd is the embodiment of compassion. Through his teaching of yoga and philosophy, as well as his capacity to really listen to his clients to help them heal themselves, his gift of compassion really shines through. I’ve been instructed in yoga before, but never in a way that really made me feel capable, empowered, and hopeful about myself. After losses of several close family members and two miscarriages that required surgery and some bed rest my whole body, as well as my heart, was constricted with grief. Todd was able to really listen to my pain with love and acknowledge the losses, which in itself was healing to me. Further, he took time to really understand each person in the class individually to meet them where they were at – I was not as advanced as the other students, but for me, I made great strides with his helpful teaching, and he really helped me to open my chest and shoulders which helped to alleviate both physical and emotional pain. When I returned home from working with Todd, my husband told me that I looked like myself again — 5 years younger, and as if I’d started to really heal from all the grief we’ve experienced. Now that I’m home, I find myself using things Todd taught the class in my everyday life to make it better. I’m more disciplined about doing regular meditation and yoga, and I am more self-aware of how I hold my body and what thoughts are in my mind because of Todd’s instruction. A week of study with Todd I feel was more equivalent to 6 months, in terms of giving me a jump start to embrace the practices he taught. I’d recommend a class to everyone, no matter where they are at in life and their yoga practice. I wish I’d done so years ago, and am so very happy I had the opportunity to do so now! Thank you, Todd!

Jennifer Sawchuk

Thank you so much for the time, attention and care you gave to me and your other students. I grew so much as a person during the Teacher Training and I can’t thank you enough for that. It was truly a life changing experience. You are so gifted in what you do. I was blessed to find Ashaya Yoga®.

Robin Pugh

After this first training my heart opened up even more to the revelation that I am infinite, eternal and whole and I am not separate from Source but a part of it and practicing yoga on and off the mat strengthens that connection with God.  LIFE CHANGING!

Jean Ann Buffo

I’ve gained the knowledge that I can teach yoga, that I am capable of doing this.  I’ve also gained a deeper understanding of breath exercises and chanting.

Elizabeth Garnett

I came away from this training feeling even more clear that teaching yoga is an important part of my path in this life.  I also feel more confident in my abilities as a yoga teacher and I am pleased at how this experience is helping to evolve my teaching.

Katie Hagel

I had breakthroughs, met fun people, laughed and cried! It was everything that I hoped for – and more.

Dr. Sharon Lauricella

All the staff and guests were positive and enthusiastic…each with an individual approach to the same basic principles. Bravo!

Laurie Freedman