Testimonials of Past Ashaya Yoga Students

I’ve gained a deeper connection with my heart and truth.  This has given me a gift for sharing that heart space with my students and a stronger intention in my teaching with meaning.

Diana Lockett

This experience has fortified my heart, and helped to give me faith in healing, and for this I am deeply grateful.

Rima Fand

Todd, your listening to my fears about practice teaching at the start of the section touched my heart – Thank you.

Elizabeth Garnett

I was grateful that we got to spend a lot of time reviewing the Ashaya yoga method and learning how to theme.  I LOVED the emphasis on heart themes.  It really helped me tap into my highest creative process of developing and teaching yoga.  I finally feel as though I can teach a complete Ashaya yoga class – which I did for the first time yesterday!

Katie Hagel

I’ve gained a whole new world of possibility.  Thank you!

Laura Decouto

I have gained a much deeper understanding of chakras and how to teach them, and a few new friends. 🙂

John McConnell

Yoga is so big in its many, many aspects and there is so much to learn – you were very good at breaking it up so it was graspable.

Abbie Wyman

Todd’s teaching was inspiring and the mix of manual work, philosophy, Asana, mantra, and kirtan was a real treat.  The staff was professional and handled the large group well.  There seemed to always be someone there to help when needed.

Mary E. Ireland

In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says to Arjuna, ‘pick a path that resonates with your heart and appeals to your own understanding of the Divine.’  In this way, this retreat was a reminder to me of my path, the importance of my practice, the importance of my connection with my tribe, my community.

Laura Young

Todd, as always, was able to elevate our capacity to be a student and teacher.  He always creates a safe environment to express ourselves.  His manner of teaching Asana as well as philosophy is so deep and yet easy to understand for the simple mind like mine.

Claudia Zanotti