I love that Ashaya Yoga focuses on the heart as the essence of our soul. (Ashaya means “abode of the heart”.)            Todd Noiran in anjali mudra

I recently watched a documentary called “I Am” which shows new scientific discoveries verifying that the brain is no longer considered the “control center” of the self. The heart is.

The heart is the “headquarters” that governs what the brain does. The heart is the essence of being and sends vibrations of wisdom, passion, and discrimination to the brain.

Of course, this is nothing new in yoga. From Nityananda, a great siddha, “The heart is the hub of all sacred places. Go there and roam.” Also in the Upanishads (ancient yogic scripture) the heart is described as the center of the self —

“The Self is hidden in the heart. The shining Self dwells deep in the heart. Everything in the world lives in the Self. The Lord of Love is the source of life and truth.” Mundaka Upanishad                            

In Ashaya Yoga, the emphasis is aligning the body and awakening the heart to discover the unique gift that only you can give the world.

But how do you awaken your heart?

I see students awakening every weekend in my workshops and trainings, some getting only a glimpse and others having a huge breakthrough.

No matter how big, awakening of the heart is not measured in external gains.

Even a brief moment of insight can change your life forever. In my own life, I am constantly longing for ways to awaken. It happens to me almost every day in my practice, in my relationships with others, and just by the very fact that I am alive and breathing.