I just finished teaching a Yoga Therapeutics Workshop at Kripalu Center and want to share something I taught on the first night.

In Ashaya Yoga Therapeutics we begin with six Healing Assumptions which form the basis of Ashaya Yoga. These assumptions are based on the Tantric philosophy of radical affirmation – learning how to say yes to life with all of your being.

  1. Pain-free living is your birthright. If you’ve been in chronic pain for some time, you’ll need to adjust your expectations and open yourself to a bigger energy.
  2. DNAHealing is a power we all have. No one is exempt from it. We all have the power to heal. Even if you’ve been diagnosed with physical pain for the rest of your life, as human beings, we have the power to adapt to the pain and find peace within ourselves mentally and emotionally. If you can’t heal physically you can heal emotionally or spiritually.
  3. We live in a healing universe. Every cell in your body is pre-programmed for healing. When you cut yourself, your body will immediately attempt to heal itself. It can’t not begin healing. It’s in your DNA.
  4. The key to healing is attitude. Attitude is power. When you are negative and have a pessimistic outlook, you make it harder for life to support you. But when you turn that around, think positively, find something to be grateful for, you open and then life can flow into you and begin to support you. Within an attitude of hope, creative solutions will begin to arise.
  5. TherapeuticsSpanda is the pulse of life. It’s the throb of the life force. This pulse is critical in healing. When you balance the opposites of contraction and expansion, healing happens. You can’t have contraction without expansion or expansion without contraction. You can’t have one without the other. Opposites not only attract, they set up the play of life putting the drama of life into motion. No spanda, no life.
  6. Healing happens in the Madhya space (the place in the middle). I call it the “mystical middle” because it’s the threshold between identity, time, and place, between this and that, now and then, and here and there. It’s the gap between your thoughts. It’s the space between your breaths. At the most subtle level, the Madhya is the place where the infinite touches the finite, where the immeasurable touches the measurable, and where the universal touches the individual.

We’re not here to fix the problem. We’re here to manage the paradox.

Enjoy the season in transition. Fall is the season between summer and winter. It’s such a great time to make a new intention or make a change in your life. Join me for a workshop or training soon.




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