[grid col=3 fit=0] [mydiv class=’ay-side-bar’]Thanks Todd. I love your ‘new’ approach to yoga. I benefited from the hard work, received much new information on healing/therapeutics, appreciated the personal alignment instructions, and thoroughly enjoyed your life experience stories.[/mydiv] [mydiv class=’ay-side-bar-author’]Randall Boehme, Waupaca Wisconsin, Empower Yourself to Heal, Yoga Therapeutics Module[/mydiv]


[mydiv class=’ay-side-bar’] I came away with a residual high from the communion with such wonderful people (so much partner work with such supportive and talented yogis!), new insights into alignment of so many poses, new confidence for doing adjustments, a warm fuzzy feeling from the tantric philosophy, and a warm heart from the encouragement I got from the community. Thank you![/mydiv] [mydiv class=’ay-side-bar-author’]Susan Ross, Bethlehem, PA, 500-Hour Touch of Grace: How to Give Unforgettable Physical Adjustments Module[/mydiv] [mydiv]







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Advanced Yoga Teacher Training


“A good teacher is someone who inspires you to learn more and become more. A great teacher awakens your heart and soul and shows you the radiant light that is already within you.”
Nancy DePutter, London, ON insight shared from an Immersion Student with Todd and Ann


Whether you choose to attend the full 500-Hour Ashaya Yoga Certification Program or the individual advanced modules, this comprehensive, advanced yoga teacher training will support you to discover, cultivate, and deepen your self-mastery while also providing invaluable skills to refine your teaching.

Even the highest quality 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training programs are limited in their scope and only scratch the surface of what there is to know. The demand for expertise and skills in the modern marketplace of yoga is growing. More experience, knowledge, and training will enable you to teach in a variety of venues and address a multitude of student levels and needs.

Earning the 500-Hour level certificate shows to all that you have taken the time and effort to study and dive more deeply into the art and science of teaching yoga. It demonstrates that you have what it takes to guide students safely in yoga. It represents a deeper commitment, deeper dedication, and a mastery of yoga recognized in today’s world, which will give you the competitive edge to stand out as a leader in the field of yoga.

The underlying purpose of the Ashaya Yoga advanced training is to give you the skills you need to awaken your own innate creativity so you can serve your students in a transformational way that supports a shift in awakening on the planet.

What You Will Gain

Todd Norian 500-hour Training ModuleThe 500-hour teacher training will catapult you into your empowered self where you will bring forth your authentic voice and contribute your unique gifts in service of others. During this course, you will receive the highest quality technical teaching skills while also deepening your personal growth and self-transformation. In addition, you will:

  • Gain more confidence and expertise that comes from a deep inner knowing that is undeniable.
  • Receive guidance and support to discover your true voice and gift as a teacher.
  • Learn how to heal common aches and pains in the body through yoga therapeutics.
  • Grow your ability to teach a therapeutic yoga class and explore one-on-one private yoga therapy.
  • Enrich your capacity to give unforgettable physical adjustments.
  • Sharpen your observation skills.
  • Dive deeper into yoga and Tantra philosophy through the study of the Siva Sutras, Bhakti Sutras, and other potent Tantric texts.
  • Radically weed out and transform self-limiting samskaras (patterns) through the matrix of the chakras.
  • Maximize your ability to teach with precise, detailed, and clear alignment instructions.
  • Develop the skills to teach a vinyasa flow class with alignment and heart.
  • Find more ease in teaching with meaningful, heart-centered themes.
  • Advance your skills in creative and intelligent sequencing.
  • Refine your knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology as related to yoga.
  • Gain the invaluable knowledge of how to teach prenatal and senior yoga.
  • Heighten and hone your awareness of professional ethics.
  • Create and/or maintain a consistent at-home daily practice.
  • Deepen your asana, pranayama, and meditation practice.
  • Be an active member of a vibrant and supportive learning community.



todd Norian demonstrates adjustment in Ashaya Yoga Advanced Yoga Teacher TrainingThe Ashaya Yoga Advanced Teacher Trainings and 500-Hour Certification Program is a modular format consisting of approximately 300 hours of training and study. Combined with the Ashaya Yoga In-Depth Study/200-Hour Teacher Training Program, this course fulfills the 500-Hour level certification approved by Yoga Alliance. The program is composed of modules and at-home study. Modules are offered at different locations. Accommodation information is provided on the specific modules information page.

There are 11 required modules that can be taken in any order. Most students will complete the course in one to three years depending on scheduling and frequency of the modules. Most of the modules will be offered one or two times a year, while others may only run every other year. You’ll have up to five years to fulfill the requirements for certification.

What are modules?

Modules are compact training units, usually three to five days long, centered on a specific teaching topic. Most modules will be open to the public, which will make it possible for other aspiring and experienced teachers to join in the learning. Students not yet registered in the 500-Hour Certification Program will have an opportunity to enroll and apply their credit hours retroactively if desired.


ashayayoga_Anodea_Judith ashayayoga_Betsey_Downing ashayayoga_Bill_Mahony ashayayoga_Ellen-Saltonstall ashayayoga_Rolf_Gates ashayayoga_Sue_Elkind ashayayoga_Todd_Norian

Todd Norian, co-founder of Ashaya Yoga is the principle teacher for the 500-hour program. During some of the modules he is joined by renowned and respected leaders in the field of yoga who bring their diverse expertise to ensure a broad and in-depth curriculum. Our faculty includes: Anodea Judith, Betsey Downing, Ellen Saltonstall, Rolf Gates, Professor Bill Mahony, and Sue Elkind. Faculty bios are provided along with module information, dates and fees through the links below.


All modules are taught or co-taught by Todd Norian with the exception of the Prenatal and Senior Yoga Module.

At-home Study

At-home study (approximately 25 hours) is required for certification. This includes making a commitment to a regular at-home daily practice while being part of a supportive group 60-day challenge, keeping a practice journal, doing recommended reading, participating in the Ashaya Yoga 500 book club, doing case studies on a topic of personal interest, and more. Much of the at-home study will be conducted online on the Ashaya Yoga facebook group page and through teleconferencing.


500 hour studentsStudents who wish to take individual modules without registering for the 500-Hour Certification Program do not need to fill out an application. Pre-requisites for individual modules are listed on the module pages. To register for an individual module, please follow the directions on the module’s information page.

Students planning to participate in the Ashaya Yoga 500-Hour Certification Program need to meet the prerequisites while also submitting an application.


Prerequisites for the 500-hour program

All applicants need to have a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher certificate from a Yoga Alliance accredited school (either Ashaya Yoga In-Depth Study/200-Hour Teacher Training Program, previously Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Todd Norian and Ann Greene, or other 200-Hour alignment-based training). If your certification is not alignment based, you will still be able to apply for this 500-Hour course, but you may be required to attend a primer weekend or 5-day retreat to become familiar with the Ashaya style. All applications will be reviewed on an individual basis taking into account all past trainings and experience.

  • Complete a 200-Hour yoga teacher training accredited by the Yoga Alliance.
  • Fill out the application and pay a $50 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit. (Deposit refunded if applicant is not accepted).
  • Have an established daily personal practice of 4 days per week (minimum of 60-80 minutes per session consisting of asana, pranayama, mantra, and meditation) or create your own schedule that weaves well with your lifestyle. If you don’t already have a regular daily practice, you can begin now and still apply. An established personal practice is defined as doing yoga at home by yourself. Public or online classes are encouraged but do not count as personal practice.
  • Be coachable and have a sincere desire to learn, study, grow, and be supportive to others.
  • Be prepared in mind, heart, and body to participate fully in the 500-Hour curriculum.


Todd teaching shoulder adjust in the Advanced Yoga Teacher TrainingEach module in this Ashaya Yoga 500-Hour training is uniquely designed and customized to meet the criteria and intention of this course. If you have taken a course from me or another faculty that is the same or similar to one of the Ashaya Yoga 500-Hour modules, you may request consideration for a transfer of credit hours. Transfers will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and are not guaranteed. If approved, only a limited number of transfer hours will be granted.


There is a non-refundable, non-transferable fee of $50 due with the application, and $150 certification fee at the end of the course. Each module will have its own tuition based on its length and unique characteristics. The tuition ranges from $200-$620 (3-5 days) per module. All applicants in the 500-Hour certification program will receive a discount on the tuition of several of the modules. Extra fees include travel expenses, accommodations, and some of the recommended books and manuals.

Requirements for Certification at the End of Your Training

  • Full attendance at all 11 modules.
  • Successful completion of all course work and at-home study within the 5-year time limit. (There will be a $100 fee for certification after the 5-year time limit. The 5-year limit begins the day your application is accepted.)
  • Hold a current CPR certification (certifications only last for 2 years).
  • Maintain a good attitude and be open to feedback throughout the training period.
  • Be in good standing in your community at home.
  • Sign the Ashaya Yoga code of ethics.
  • Pay all outstanding balances.

For all questions regarding the 500-Hour Advanced Trainings and Certification Program, contact Todd Norian.