Become an Ashaya Yoga Licensed Teacher

Yoga Licensing

Licensed Teacher Trainers (AYLTT)

The Ashaya Yoga Trainers are an extraordinarily dedicated group of teachers with years of teaching experience who have studied extensively with Todd. The Trainers, authorized by Todd, teach the Ashaya Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training in their local areas and often co-teach in other’s teacher trainings.

Licensed 200 Hour Graduates (AYLT)

These teachers completed the Ashaya Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training with “honors” and have received a special recommendation from their Trainer to be licensed in Ashaya. They are dedicated solely to the Ashaya method and have demonstrated a high level of excellence and ease in teaching the Ashaya method. Ashaya is proud to support these teachers and honors their commitment to Ashaya and to their own development.

AYLT Requirements

When you graduate from an Ashaya Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training and become certified, your certification allows you to register with Yoga Alliance as a basic Hatha Yoga teacher. This level of training reflects the basic minimum requirements to begin teaching yoga. Licensing in Ashaya Yoga is a step above and requires more proficiency and fluency in the Ashaya method. Many graduates of Ashaya Yoga are ready for licensing since they’ve demonstrated proficiency and confidence. Other graduates need more time to integrate the Ashaya method to become more comfortable and fluent in the Ashaya instructions. Either way, if your desire is to become licensed in Ashaya Yoga, we will help you get there!

Licensing is a way of caring for yourself, your profession, your colleagues, and your students. It honors and protects the trademark and strengthens the method. Licensing symbolizes your commitment to help maintain and contribute to the integrity and meaningfulness of Ashaya Yoga and the Ashaya community. It is a statement of your desire to continue your studies and refine your teaching skills through continuing education. It connects you to the Ashaya community, joining with those who wish to be connected to each other in service to a bigger energy and a higher purpose.

Without the licensing credentials, graduates are still allowed to teach yoga, but they cannot use the Ashaya name in their titles, online, or in their marketing. They cannot claim that they are Ashaya teachers. They can, however, claim to be Hatha Yoga Teachers and, in their bio, may say they studied with Todd Norian (or other Ashaya Trainer) and took the Ashaya 200 Hour Teacher Training. For licensing applications to be accepted, a written recommendation from your trainer is required. Please have your trainer contact the Ashaya office at 413-232-7839, or send us an email.

AYLT Benefits

  • Use of the Ashaya Yoga name and logo for class titles, fliers, schedules, and website
  • Directory listing on the Ashaya Yoga website (includes your photo, location and link to your email and website)
  • Continuing Education and Updates, including teacher inspiration, morning sadhana audio recordings (TBA), free updated manual downloads, and group discussions and networking on Facebook and Instagram
  • Connection to and support from a community of great beings who wish to serve a bigger vision and live with integrity and authenticity, who are dedicated to offering their unique gift to the world with joy, who wish to support each other to live their dharma, stand in their power, release smallness and other self-limiting beliefs, fulfill their life-destiny path, serve their communities, and align with the highest teachings of yoga together in community

AYLT Continuing Education

To maintain your licensing status, you need at least six hours of Ashaya Yoga private, classroom, workshop, retreat, or teacher training hours annually. These six hours must be broken down in this way – six hours with Todd Norian or three hours with Todd and three hours with any of the authorized Ashaya Licensed Teachers. If you are not able to manage three hours with Todd in a given year, you may meet the CE requirement for that year by completing six hours with an authorized teacher. The following year, however, you will need to complete six hours with Todd.

The following Licensed Ashaya Teachers are authorized to provide continuing education hours. You can find their contact information in the Ashaya Licensed Teacher Directory.

  • Cheryl Chaffee (Florida)
  • Mitch Marx (Florida)
  • Janie Gunn (Indiana)
  • Mark Killion (Indiana)
  • Linda Moran (Massachusetts)
  • Therese Tresco (Massachusetts)
  • Mary Howell (Massachusetts and New Hampshire)
  • Claudia Zanotti (Ohio)
  • Denise DeLuca (Rhode Island)
  • Marianna Adams (Texas)
  • Jane Goldstein (Texas)
  • Joann Engelberth (Vermont)
  • Sarah Fischer (Virginia)
  • Sarah Maxfield (Virginia)
  • Anita Schill (Virginia)
  • Randy Boyd (West Virginia)
  • Cedric Gorinas (Copenhagen, Denmark)

AYLT First-Time and Renewals

For all AY new graduates, the licensing fee is waived for the first year*. The annual renewal fee for renewals is $35/year due on June 15 each year.

  • If you graduate between Jan 1-June 14, for your first year your license is free until June 15 of the next year. (For example, if you graduate in May 2019, your license fee is free until June 15, 2020).
  • If you graduate between June 15-December 31, for your first year your license is free until the upcoming June 15. (For example, if you graduate in September 2019, your license is free until June 15, 2020).

2019 Licensing Applications – either –

AY First-Time
Fill out the Ashaya Yoga Teacher Licensing Application – First-Time Form and submit – free for the first year!

AY Renewal
Fill out the Ashaya Yoga Teacher Licensing Application – Renewal Form and submit with your payment.

First-Time Applicants (Online Form)

Required to sign and renew each year
Renewal Applicants (Online Form)

Ashaya Yoga Trademark

Ashaya Yoga is a registered trademark; hence the small ® mark after the name. The trademark honors the time, energy, and resources you have invested in your training by maintaining the integrity, high standards, and reputation of Ashaya Yoga. It protects the Ashaya name and the efficacy/quality of the method by legally safeguarding Ashaya Yoga from being copied, changed, adapted, or altered by anyone other than the trademark owner, Todd Norian. The trademark further protects teachers who license with Ashaya by maintaining a wholesome cohesion to the method by assuring that Ashaya Yoga classes remain consistent wherever they are taught. The consistent qualities of a heart-centered tone, the specific alignment method, language terms, and class structure, all support the integrity of Ashaya Yoga.

Need Support

Please call or email with any questions. You can reach Todd directly at 413-232-7839 or