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Great Blue Heron

Dear Friends,

Want to know grace? Okay. Just travel to a foreign country to teach yoga and take a few days off with nothing much to do. Grace was by my side the entire day. It was amazing.

Grace Moment #1:

I’m currently in Madrid and finished teaching a 3-day weekend training. I had Monday off and rested. It was lovely. I found a beautiful grassy spot near a river in the park near where I was staying. The temperature was perfect for yoga outside. I had the most exquisite deep backbend practice in a long time. Many people were out lying in the sun, reading, playing games, and some were working out. Nobody noticed me doing yoga. I fit right in. The day totally flowed.

Grace Moment #2:

On Tuesday I had another most spectacular day, all unexpected. It was a very simple day. Nothing special really. But the way the events of the day unfolded had such a perfection that it was obvious grace was behind it all.

I had an exquisite morning meditation and mini practice. Then I strolled over to the studio to teach a private. However when I went to unlock the studio, the key in the lock would not work. I was told the lock was sensitive. But I stood there for at least 5 minutes trying the key in various ways. Nothing happened. Then one of the Pilates teachers at the studio happened to pass by and saw me struggling. She did not speak English, but we managed to converse enough so she knew I was locked out. She tried the key for a while with no luck, and began calling people on her cell phone to help. A minute later, one of the students, who was going to shoot video for the private, arrived. She and I continued to try to unlock the door. Then suddenly she turned the key and magically it opened. At that moment the private student arrived. The session began on time.

The session I taught was magical. The student, Alberto, was super open, dedicated, and very receptive. The night before I wrote out a hip opening sequence for him since he had told me he wanted to work on his hips. He loved the session, as I loved being with him.

Grace Moment #3:

During the weekend I had a fantasy to find a pool and do a swim workout, which I’ve been doing back home with the Masters Swim group for about the last 2 years. How radical it would be to swim in Madrid? Well, it happened! The pool was close to the studio. I had a great workout!

Grace Moment #4:

While in the locker room, I couldn’t figure out how to use the lockers. They had a pay and get your key system that was automatic. In addition, I didn’t have the right change. I stood up on the bench and made an announcement to all of the men in the locker room (in Spanish) and asked if anyone had change. My Spanish is lame. But somehow I was able to pull it together and one guy understood. He gave me change. Then I watched him work his locker and figured it out from there.

Grace Moment #5:

After swimming, I brought a picnic lunch and headed back to the river to eat lunch and then do a deep forward bend practice. Today the temperature must have been at least 85-90. It was very hot but with a cool breeze, perfect for practice. While in the last pose of my sequence, shoulderstand, I was feeling so good, so taken care of, so gifted with a beautiful day. At that moment of feeling gratitude, a blue heron flew overhead. Blue Herrings are my favorite bird! It was way up high in the sky, so free, so beautiful, just flowing on the air currents. If I hadn’t been in the inversion of shoulderstand, I never would have noticed the Herring. I took this to be a sign from grace that all is well. All is as it should be. I am in the right place. I am aligned with my life destiny path. I am aligned with nature. I am following my heart. Grace is with me.

More grace moments happened as the day eventually wound down. When I got back to my room, I had to write this down and share it. Thanks for listening. (This got posted after Todd’s return.)

Thank you Grace!