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Bask in Your Vastness!

Open Your Heart and Cultivate Inner Peace!

Give Yourself the Gift of High-Quality Self-Care!

Connect With Your Essence and Shift Your Frequency!

Rejuvenate Yourself While Creating World Peace!

Restore Your Body, Mind, and Heart!


Yoga Nidra Reset for World Peace    

with Tantric Master Yogi

Todd Norian

Final Session: March 18, 2024

6-7 p.m. ET

Special Price: $25!

During these difficult times, I offer you the opportunity and a challenge to do something for world peace. When you shift your vibration, you shift the frequency of the whole world!

I believe that now more than ever we need to not lose faith, to not give up hope for a better world. I believe in the light of the universe. I believe that light eventually wins out over darkness and that love is what remains. Love is stronger than fear and whatever happens to us at any given moment is either love or a lesson. Everything in life is for our awakening.

Practice the Ancient Art of Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep)

Scientifically Shift Your Brain Waves to the Rhythm of Your Essential Self

Practice Mantra Chanting to Clear Your Mind of Clutter and Open the Field of Awareness

Systematically Open Your Heart and Experience Deep States of Profound Relaxation

Surround Yourself with Support from the Community of Heart Followers 

Reflect On the Power of Your Experience Through Journal Writing




Register for all five workshops together or a la carte. Recordings available only for full registration participants and can be accessed until April 1, 2024

Join Now and get the videos of the sessions you missed so you can work with them in between the monthly live classes.


All five hours count for CEUs with Yoga Alliance.


Props Suggested:

  • A double yoga mat for extra padding.

  • Two pillows or rolled blankets: one for under the base of your thighs and one for under your head.

  • Eye Coverings: use eye pillows for maximum comfort or any soft dark material you can place comfortably over your eyes.

  • A blanket to cover yourself for extra warmth.

  • Journal and pen.


We've enjoyed the Yoga Nidra Series so much, that we're offering a special price for you to join the last session, just $25!


A Note About Yoga Nidra:

Yoga Nidra is a time-tested ancient practice that reduces stress levels and increases mental clarity, deep relaxation, and the capacity for more joy. Todd will guide you step by step through deeper and deeper levels of release. The Yoga Nidra practice includes slowly moving through the entire body, part by part, touching each part with your awareness and letting go. There are no expectations about how the practice should go and you can’t do it wrong. 


The practice is natural, easy, accessible to all, effortless, simple, and automatic. You will not have to work at this mentally or physically. All you have to do is lie down and breathe!


You’ll learn to reset habitual self-limiting patterns and establish new healthy pathways of relaxation that allow you to access deep sleep at night. Health science has revealed that getting a good night’s sleep is critical in achieving vibrant health and a robust immune system.


In each session, we’ll maintain our intention and purpose of this challenge to use Yoga Nidra as a tool to helps us shift our own vibration in order to bring more compassion, healing, understanding, respect, light, love, and peace into the world.


We look forward to seeing you there!

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