Ashaya Yoga® Workshops and Retreats

In both my yoga workshops and retreats, my intention is always to offer you the highest teachings within a safe, loving, supportive, and non-competitive environment, one where we reflect to each other the greatness and true power we see in each other.

Ashaya Yoga® Workshops

Workshops are a great way to get an introduction to the teachings, philosophy, and practices of Ashaya Yoga®. More in-depth than a regular yoga class, (usually lasting 3-12 hours over a weekend), workshops take you deeper into the yoga poses with more detailed, precise, technical instructions, often including partner work. You’ll receive more of a feel for the heart-opening, life-affirming philosophy of Ashaya Yoga® which has its source in Hindu Tantra. In addition, my workshops often include therapeutics, pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation, and chanting.

Ashaya Yoga® Retreats

Retreats offer you the deep experience of immersion into the teachings and practices of Ashaya Yoga® that goes beyond the scope of a weekend workshop. Retreats usually last 4-5 days where you have time to reflect, release the stresses of daily life, and dive deeply into the experience of your being, where deep inner shifts happen. Many students report back to me that during the retreat they had a shift of consciousness, a revelation, or insight that transformed their life for the better.

Ashaya Yoga® retreats are designed to support you in taking a big leap forward in your consciousness as you strengthen your body, clear your mind, release deep seated tensions, and awaken your heart to live a more meaningful, creative, and joyful life.

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