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Ashaya Yoga

Ashaya (AH-shy-ah) is a Sanskrit word that means “abode of the heart”.

Founded by Todd Norian in 2012, Ashaya means “abode of the heart.” Ashaya Yoga is a complete system of transformational yogic practices that awaken your highest potential for fulfillment and joy. Ashaya integrates the body, mind, and heart with the spiritually uplifting Tantric philosophy called, Nondual Shaiva-Shakta Tantra.

Welcome to Ashaya Yoga

The heart is the center of the whole universe. It’s a place of refuge, a sanctuary for the deepest parts of the self. Like a safe haven within, the heart gives us a protective harbor where we can anchor the thoughts, emotions, and experiences that bring us closer to knowing ourselves. 

Your heart is a wellspring of wisdom, love, and happiness. Unreasonable happiness that bubbles up in you for no reason other than to revel in its own existence. But many of us have lost our connection to the source because the channels have been blocked by doubt, shame, and lack of direction.  

The only way to remember the passion and power we’ve forgotten is to find our way back to our heart’s inner knowing, and Ashaya Yoga is the map. When we let grace be our guide and come home to our hearts, this is when we feel most at peace, attuned to our emotions, connected to our higher purpose, and inspired to say yes to life with all of our being.

The Ashaya Yoga method uniquely integrates alignment-based therapeutic yoga techniques with heart-opening Tantric philosophy and meditation practices to awaken your inner and outer strength.

Because our bodies hold the stories of our past — the grooves of every furled and unfurled emotion — our patterns of denial can build up the protective layers around our hearts. Insulating our hearts disconnects us from ourselves, from the people around us, and from the unique gifts we have to offer. Only by intentionally peeling back these layers can we find deep awareness and acceptance, and finally heal our physical and emotional pain.

This is why Ashaya Yoga is about so much more than alignment-based yoga poses. It’s about embodying the attitude that everything in life is for our awakening. Even when life is dishing out the sucky stuff, it’s choosing to trust that grace abounds, life has your back, and everything is unfolding in perfect rhythm. 

When you carry this belief deep in your heart, it means there are no mistakes and no wrong timing. The universe is orchestrating these events and inviting you to riff on their meaning. It’s holding space for you to reveal the truth of who you are, so you can savor the nectar of your experiences, integrate these lessons into your life, and get closer to your divine potential.

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