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Todd Norian singing with harmonium

The Music of
Todd Norian

Founder of Ashaya Yoga

Music opens the heart to feel more and be more


As a spiritual practice, music carries the vibration of the infinite deep into the heart and mind of the listener. In the highest sense, you could say that music is the source, where we all come from. I think of music as the solvent for the heart, that opens the heart to feel more and be more.


Since ancient times, sacred music and chanting has been used as prayer, for healing, and for relaxation. In the yogic tradition the source of all music and all sound vibration comes from the mantra Om.


I invite you to enjoy the music belowYou can also purchase my music in MP3 format or as a physical CD.


If you listen closely enough, and if you can help yourself from falling asleep (which would be the highest compliment to me, btw!), you’ll hear my jazz influence come through the rhythms, harmonies, and melodies. I studied Classical Music at University of Michigan, then Jazz at University of Miami where I earned my Bachelors of Music degree in Jazz Studies. 


Once I began yoga, most of my music slowed down greatly because I slowed down inside myself. My music is the expression of the depth of my meditation and yoga practices and the immense gratitude I have for the infinite power of the universe to heal.

The Perfect Soundtracks

For Your Yoga, Meditation, Massage and Bodywork Sessions

Sample the soothing sounds of Todd Norian. Also available for purchase in MP3 format below or as a physical CD.

Celestial Abode SampleTodd Norian
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Mantra Music for Relaxation MP3s

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