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What Does It Mean to Contribute to the Ashaya Mission?


We want to help others by expanding their opportunities for growth. Our goal is to help others benefit from a life that serves their highest good and brings more light, love, and joy into this world.

Contribute to Help Others Make the Shift From Surviving to Thriving

By contributing to Ashaya Yoga, you can help give individuals in need the opportunity to develop a spiritual practice, awaken their heart, join a community of inspired beings, and achieve their highest potential.

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With Your Contribution,
You’ll Help Share the Light

At Ashaya Yoga our mission is to awaken hearts to their own inherent, unlimited potential, and to lead the way to deep acceptance, ecstatic joy, and true healing. We do this work to manifest a world of beauty and kindness where diversity is embraced for a greater unity, a world where love becomes the unifying language, and we all work together to raise our consciousness and heal our lives and the earth, such that we may live in peace in the highest light.

Ashaya Yoga uniquely integrates alignment-based therapeutic yoga techniques with heart-opening Tantric philosophy and meditation practices to awaken our inner and outer strength. We offer yogic tools, philosophies, curriculum, workshops, and teacher trainings to facilitate harmony of body, mind, and heart.

Help by Opening Opportunities for Others

We seek to share the light with others who may not have the financial means to participate in our programs. Your contribution opens opportunities for these individuals to:

  • Establish a consistent spiritual practice of yoga and meditation

  • Be part of a community of Heart Followers who love and accept everyone for who they are including race, color, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, economic status, and gender identity

  • Learn about their bodies, minds, and hearts through the empowering and uplifting philosophy of Tantra

  • Become professional yoga teachers in the Ashaya method

Who Does My Contribution Directly Impact?

Each Ashaya Yoga program offers the option for individuals to apply for financial aid to participate. Qualifying applicants may include, while not being limited to, those who identify with BIPOC or LGBTQ+ and those who are financially challenged.

By making a contribution you will:

  • Help the world shine with more people who are lit up, inspired, radiant, and more able to stand strong in the storms, and be role models for others to shine their light. 

  • Enlighten local communities by bringing the hearts and minds of people touched by the spirit of Ashaya to serve, uplift, and make life better for everyone. 

  • Serve underprivileged individuals by giving them an opportunity to go deeper into their hearts and align with the bigger energy, discover their purpose in life, and tap into their fullest potential and fulfill the purpose for which they have come.

Support Our Cause
Leave a one-time contribution.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

“The spiritual practices broke open my heart and opened mind every time. I learned and re-learned so much about myself and deepened my connection with spirit.


I learned about yoga, anatomy, and alignment, but nothing compares to how my spirit was touched and how it grew.”

- Ashaya Yoga Financial Aid Recipient

Thank you for helping us share the light with someone in need. 


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