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Ashaya Yoga
Teacher Training

Welcome to this amazing, heart-opening, life-transforming journey of radical self-love! 
We're glad you're here.

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ALL NEW Hybrid Format:

Live In-Person, Live Online, Pre-recorded Modules, and At-Home Study.


Starts this September 13th
(Sept. 2024 to May 2025, 8 months of training)

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Learn the Ashaya Method, an incredibly therapeutic, effective form of yoga

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Be part of the supportive, heart-centered community

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Transform yourself as you learn how to transform your students

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Create the Life You Desire and Deserve

Yoga Class

What makes the Ashaya Yoga Transformational 

Teacher Training So Outstanding?

1. This program offers an unprecedented opportunity for transformation of your whole being.

2. We offer you individual alignment instruction so you know you're doing the poses correctly. 

3. You'll receive unparalleled progressive one-on-one mentoring throughout the course. You'll teach 6 mini-classes over the course of the training, and you'll get individual feedback after each one, so you know how well you're doing and what skills you need to work on.​

4. Through small group and 1-to-1 interaction with other students, you'll experience the power of a supportive and diverse community of passionate learners.

5. Most teacher trainings only focus on the body. Ashaya fully integrates body, mind, and heart for a complete experience.

6. We explore emotional mastery, as well as mastery of the physical body.

7. We go deep into exploration of Ashaya Yoga and its Tantric yoga philosophy, rather than just learning a little bit about many different styles. This allows you to fully master your teaching skills so you can help your students transform!

What's Included?

400 page Manual!

With detailed teaching scripts, diagrams, charts, sequences, and more.

PLUS, a 100 page Asana Companion

With photos, descriptions, common misalignments, and more for hundreds of yoga pose variations

Free Ultimate
Yoga Anatomy Experience!

with Randy Boyd, E-RYT 500, Certified Yoga Therapist, IAYT

a $295 value!

Combining the latest scientific research with the ancient practices of yoga in a way that is fun and accessible for all

50% off
Ashaya Membership

for the duration of the training (8 months)

a $396 savings!

Attend weekly zoom classes with Todd to reinforce what you learn during the training


Who is this training for?

  • It's the perfect training for students and teachers alike.

  • For students who wish to deepen their practice, knowledge, and understanding of yoga in the Ashaya Yoga Method by becoming a yoga teacher.

  • For all Yoga teachers who wish to take it to the next level. You will advance and refine your professional development and learn new alignment techniques, more effective language, how to interweave a theme into the instructions, Tantra philosophy, and get individual mentoring on their teaching. If you already have your RYT, we welcome you with a 50% discount!

  • For those looking for an authentic teacher training that integrates body, mind, and heart.

  • For all levels of practitioners and teachers from beginners to advanced, from all backgrounds of yogic and other spiritual traditions, looking to explore the Tantra Yoga Philosophy.

  • For anyone with a sincere desire to learn, grow, and open your heart, you’ll thrive and transform yourself in this environment.

  • For those wanting a highly professional training with high standards and accountability in order to prepare you to be an extraordinary teacher.



At least six months of yoga practice any style and a sincere desire to deepen your practice, open your heart, gain knowledge, and bring more light and love into this world.

Here are just some of the topics you’ll explore in this transformational training:


  • Teaching Ashaya Yoga

    • The Four Essentials of Ashaya Yoga

    • How to teach Warmups

    • Foundations of Hands and Feet

    • Prepose Instruction to get students into poses safely

    • Embodiment of the Five Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sky

    • Teaching with a Heart Theme to bring students into their hearts as well as their bodies

    • Heart Virtue Context Statements to bring more clarity to the theme and purpose of each class

    • Technical and Physical Benefit Context Statements to help students learn the benefits of yoga

    • How to Lead a Centering and Savasana

    • Unity Heart Themes - using one theme throughout the class

    • Pulsation Heart Themes - using two themes to provide complementary contrasts

    • Lesson Planning and Sequencing

    • Teaching Beginners

    • Modifications and Use of Props


  • Language Refinements

    • Plain and Explicit Language so your students can follow your instructions with ease

    • Unskillful word habits - release habitual language in favor of learning to give super clear instructions

    • Use of Context Statements creates a bigger picture of the why and how of the poses and the class as a whole


  • Yoga Practice:

    • Ashaya Morning Sadhana - a beautiful morning practice of mantra, pranayama, and meditation

    • Ashaya Kriya Practice to purify your body, mind, and heart

    • Pranayama Breathing Techniques

    • Mantra Chanting and Mantra Meditation

    • Asana Clinics: Personal Instruction in Alignment

    • Instruction in Standing Poses, Balancing Poses, Hip Openers, Backbends, Inversions, Hand Balances, Forward Bends, and Twists

    • Therapeutic Application of Ashaya Yoga


  • Yoga Philosophy:

    • History of Yoga

    • Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Tantric perspective

    • Bhagavad Gita Study, Tantric Perspective

    • Tantra Philosophy: Path of Radical Affirmation (how to say Yes to life!)

    • Three Yogic Worldviews

    • Shiva Nataraja Teachings

    • The Five Acts of Shiva

    • Eight Attributes of the Absolute

    • Chit Ananda and the Highest Purpose of the Practice

    • Four Vibratory Bands of Consciousness

    • Om and Four States of Consciousness

    • Chakra Yoga Transformational Practice

    • The 36 Tattvas: Principles of Existence


  • Yoga Anatomy

    • Anatomy and Science Behind Why the Ashaya Method Works

    • Five Koshas (sheaths)

    • Subtle Body Anatomy and the Chakras


  • Personal Growth

    • Conscious Communication Skills

    • Owning Your Experience

    • The Power of Loving Presence

    • Name Your Shame and Deep Core Wounded Identity Work

    • Emotional Agility


  • Hands-On Adjustments


  • Professional Practices

    • Ethics

    • Marketing

    • Online Teaching Technical Skills


  • Devotional Practices


  • Community Connections

    • Co-Listening

    • Small Group Sharing

    • Journal Writing

    • Personal Facilitation

Already a yoga teacher? This training will take your teaching to the next level! This is the best, most comprehensive program Ashaya offers for Professional Development for yoga teachers. And we honor your previous learning. All yoga teachers can take this training for 50% off the regular price!

(proof of RYT or 200+hour certificate is required)

How it Works:


This training is composed of 3 types of learning: Live in-person, Live online, and At home self-guided study.

  • Live online: You'll participate in three live, interactive weekend webinars on Zoom. 

  • Live in-person: You'll experience two separate retreats live at the Abode of the Message Retreat Center in New Lebanon, NY (accommodations not included in tuition).

  • At-home study: You'll watch videos, connect with support groups, do reading and written assignments on your own schedule.

For detailed curriculum dates, times, and content, Click Here.

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