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Heal Your Body Now.

Release Pain and Prevent it from Returning.

Get Expert, Personalized Yoga Instruction.

Private One on One Yoga

With Master Yogi, Internationally Acclaimed Teacher, and Founder,

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Private One on One Yoga is for YOU if you desire to…..


Free yourself from acute or chronic pain.

Take your yoga practice to whole new depths.

Feel strong, confident, peaceful, and in control of your life.

Come back into a loving relationship with your body and yourself.

Achieve your optimal radiant health and maintain it for a lifetime.

Develop a safe, effective, consistent, and self-nourishing practice of yoga.

How It Works

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Schedule a session(s) with Todd


$599 for prepaid package of 4 sessions, 

one a week, for one month.

Private Yoga Session with Todd



1-on-1 Private Yoga Session with Todd

1 Hour-Long Private Yoga Session with Todd Norian

Best Value

4-Session Bundle of 1-0n-1 Private Yoga



Four 1-hour Long Private Yoga Sessions with Todd

Valid for one month

One hour per week for 4 consecutive weeks

Private one-on-one yoga sessions with Todd

A personal sharing and invitation from Todd:

Welcome to Private Yoga Instruction!


I’m thrilled to be able to offer this live in-person, private one-on-one yoga service to those seeking freedom from pain and/or personalized yoga instruction. I recently met with a friend who is preparing for a total knee replacement. As we worked together, I could see his world begin to open up. He had been working strictly with PT’s and Chiropractors to help him with his knee. 


After assessing his entire body, I was able to give him several exercises, routines, and therapeutic asanas to prepare him to be strong for his surgery. I could see his heart expand with relief and a new sense of hope and healing. 


I taught him..... (click to read more)


During your session, depending on what your goals are, I will give you…

  • Yoga therapy adjustments and exercises to practice at home.

  • Physical hands-on adjustments and therapeutic applications to facilitate greater energy flow in your body. The physical adjustments may include yoga therapy, massage therapy, physical therapy, energy work, and emotional processing.

  • Detailed alignment cues specific to your individual body to increase healing and flow of energy.

  • Exercises to release chronic pain, acute pain, joint pain, or muscular pain that hasn’t been resolved using traditional modalities of medicine like chiropractic, physical therapy, injections, massage therapy, or pain-relieving drugs.

  • Explanations and training in the Ashaya Yoga Method so that you can understand where my instructions are coming from and then learn how to heal yourself.

  • Upon request, an individualized yoga routine to support you to meet your health goals for strength, flexibility, and balance at home.


Treatment May Include:

  • Yoga posture assessment for accurate alignment and efficacy.

  • Instruction in the Ashaya Yoga Method for those who wish to learn this system of yoga.

  • Emotional release and mental clearing using the Ashaya Method of Emotional Processing.

  • Spiritual Mentoring based on the Nondual Tantra Yoga wisdom.

  • Interpersonal relationship issues with yourself, a partner, or anyone else on any level of intimacy.

  • Developing a spiritual practice routine, including mantra, pranayama, meditation, and asana practice.

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