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Strengthen your happiness, fulfillment,

unlimited possibility, and deep connection to spirit!

Join the Ashaya Yoga Membership

You’re Invited.

Only $99/month

Your membership auto-renews every month,

you may cancel at any time.

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Ultimate Bliss Body Yoga: The Secret Tantric Teachings of Shiva Nataraja

A widely held belief in the Tantric tradition is that the secret of the entire universe is hidden within the statue of Shiva Nataraja (the cosmic dancer). Shiva, who represents the vast, unbounded freedom of the soul, dances the eternal rhythms of life into existence for the sheer delight of it.

During the Ashaya Yoga Membership starting on Feb. 1, you’ll receive a month of the deepest and most esoteric teachings of the Tantra – The Secret Teachings of Shiva Nataraja and his Ananda Tandava (dance of bliss).


During this month, you will

  • Unpack the empowering and delightful Tantric teachings of Shiva Nataraja (Lord of the cosmic dance) to shed light in a practical way on the path of the heart 

  • Learn the auspicious Shiva Nataraja japa mantra derived from the ancient Saptah Tandava Bija Mantras (The Seven Dances Seed Mantras)

  • Practice alignment-based, heart-centered Ashaya Yoga to embody these teachings on a deeper level

  • Build inner strength, balance, and flexibility on all levels – body, mind, and heart

  • Cultivate inner peace through meditation, pranayama, mantras, and Savasana

This month in the Ashaya Membership:

Align your Body

Calm Your Mind

Open Your Heart

Live Monthly Online Yoga, Meditation, and Community Circles.
Take Your Spiritual Practice to Whole New Depths of Insight and Joy!

The Ashaya Yoga Online
Membership is for YOU if you desire to…

Elevate your happiness.
Awaken your potential for unlimited joy.
Take your yoga practice to whole new depths.
Feel strong, confident, peaceful, and openhearted.
Tap into the infinite source of wisdom and healing within.
Integrate your body, mind, and heart through yoga and meditation.


Every Tuesday and Thursday Morning

Live Online Meditation & Pranayama Sadhana Practices, 7:20 am – 8 am ET
Live Online Yoga Classes including All-Levels Asana, Deep Core, and Gentle Yoga, 8:15 am – 9 am ET

“The Ashaya Yoga Membership will give you the structure to develop a consistent and fulfilling spiritual practice with a Master Yogi as your guide.”

What’s Included

Receive Alignment-Based and Therapeutic Asanas, Chanting, Pranayama
(breathwork), Meditations, Mantras, Chakras, Inspirational Heart-Centered Tantric Teachings,
Deep Relaxation, Monthly Community Circles, and More!




Receive IMMEDIATE Access to the Ashaya Yoga Library ($1,000 value)

Access over 120 on-demand Ashaya Yoga classes

Mantra handouts with Audio Tutorials

Videos for How to Sit for Meditation

The Five Stretches you should do before Meditation

Pranayama tutorial Videos and PDFs

Ashaya Asana tutorials


15 Introduction to Ashaya Yoga Videos led by Cheryl Chaffee

And a rich collection of other resources to support your Ashaya Yoga practice.

“Every Ashaya Yoga class will help you align
and weave together your mind, body, and heart.”

You will leave each class feeling re-energized and reconnected to your

unbounded, infinite, divine self!


Link to full schedule here

To offset the high exchange rate from CAD to USD, we are offering an adjusted USD price (the equivalent of $99 CAD) to residents of CANADA.  Click HERE. 

Current Ashaya Yoga Members from Canada: please contact to receive the adjusted rate on your Ashaya membership renewal.

Class Descriptions
Ashaya Yoga Morning Sadhana (Spiritual Practices)
Calm Your Mind. Balance Your Nervous System.

Get centered. Get still. Get reconnected to the deepest wellspring of source consciousness. In this 40-minute practice, Todd starts with an inspirational Tantric teaching followed by japa mantra, pranayama (yogic breathing), silent mantra meditation, and Savasana (deep relaxation).

*The Ashaya Morning Sadhana classes are designed to evolve from the beginning to the end of the month. The first week will contain more instruction and explanation of the basic and foundational details of the practice. As the month continues, the focus will shift from the basics to more in-depth practices. All students are encouraged to go at their own pace and not strain or force any aspects of the practice. Newcomers are encouraged to review the introductory materials included in their on-boarding email, before they begin the practice.

All Levels Asana
Align your Body, Awaken Your Heart.

This is a delicious 45-minute asana class for all levels of practitioners from beginners to advanced, designed to give you everything you need to feel stretched out and opened up. Using the Ashaya Method of alignment expect some challenge with modifications and use of props. Todd begins with a heart-centered, Tantric teaching followed by a flow of movement and breath, postures that build to a peak pose, and ends with calming poses and Savasana (relaxation). This class builds alignment strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility while opening the heart.

Deep Core
Strength, Balance, Vitality.

Take this 45-minute workout for strength, endurance, and fortitude with the focus on toning the deep abdominal core muscles. Designed for all levels of practitioners, this class supports spinal health, blood flow, and bone growth. Practice proper anatomical alignment for the full therapeutic benefit as you increase your energy reserves, vitality, and groundedness. Enjoy the physical challenge. Go at your own pace.

Gentle Asana
Stretch, Breathe Deeply, & Let Go.

Practice easeful and soothing poses that gently stretch and open the body. This is the time to slow down, focus on breath, and allow your heart to truly open. During this 45-minute class, you'll rejuvenate and nourish yourself in the warmth of self-acceptance and self-love. Practice simpler poses at a slower pace, with modifications that make every pose accessible and more enjoyable. End with a deep Savasana (relaxation).

Community Connection
We Are Stronger Together.

Whenever two or more are gathered, spirit is there. Join the Ashaya community of heart followers to share in the journey of the heart. Lasting 20-30 minutes, you’ll be asked to share, write in the chat, or simply listen. Topics include questions about your practice, what’s stirring in your heart, or a guided reflection with discussion afterwards. Allow yourself to be warmly embraced, accepted, and loved by this community of great beings.

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