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Neelakantha Meditation

Deepen Your Experience With Initiation into
Neelakantha Meditation

Years ago, I was initiated into the life-changing practice of Neelakantha Meditation, as practiced in Blue Throat Yoga, founded by Paul Muller-Ortega.

Neelakantha Meditation is a deeply satisfying, highly effective, and easy-to-learn form of mantra meditation. It is very powerful in supporting you to have a direct experience of the vastness of the universe within yourself.

Neelakantha Meditation has the power to dissolve self-limiting beliefs and patterns of doubt, unworthiness, and anxiety. It assists in helping you release what is no longer necessary and old habitual thought patterns that are no longer life-enhancing. Best of all, this practice is effortless, instinctual , and very easy to learn.

This form of meditation has enhanced my life and given me the experience of the highest freedom, purest joy, and most satisfying fulfillment possible. This specific form of meditation is based in the same philosophy and tradition as Ashaya Yoga and is the perfect companion to the yoga that I practice and teach students like you.

Get in touch with your highest, best self with effortlessness and clarity of purpose. If you’ve been searching for a steady daily practice of meditation that brings you home to your heart very quickly and effectively with little or no effort within a supportive environment, then
Neelakantha Meditation is the right choice for you.

*Each initiation has a capacity limit of 6 participants. Please apply at your earliest convenience to secure your Initiation opportunity.

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