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Tantra Yoga

Journey to Unbreakable Wholeness – A Memoir

by Todd Norian

Part inspirational memoir, part philosophical teaching, part practical application, this book is an accessible, actionable guide to the true Tantra — not the sex-focused version that popular culture promotes.

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"Todd Norian’s new book on Tantra is destined to be a classic. It is a stunning achievement: beautifully written, crystal clear, entirely accessible to the Western reader. I could not put it down.”

- Stephen Cope

"Be prepared to be rocked out of your comfort zone. The questions he asks become your own and the answers demand change."

- Amy Weintraub

Todd Norian, celebrated yoga teacher and founder of Ashaya Yoga, brings to life Nondual Śaiva-Śākta Tantra, the revolutionary philosophy that has been misunderstood and largely hidden… until now.

Often regulated to the realm of theological history and academia, Nondual Śaiva-Śākta Tantra is an ancient, powerful path of heart-centric learning, and Todd is the perfect guide to that path. Since his first encounter with it more than 25 years ago, he has sought to understand, teach, and apply its lessons, creating an entirely new Tantra-based yoga method along the way.

By steadfastly following his heart, Todd has lived an uncommon life: living like a monk for 13 years at the then-ashram Kripalu in Massachusetts; having an intense spiritual awakening that landed him for a brief stay at a psychiatric hospital; and overcoming the heartbreak of being spiritually betrayed by beloved teachers — not once, but twice.

Now, writing with gentle, compassionate authority, he is sharing the life-changing philosophy that taught him how to embrace all of it — the pain, disillusionment, and suffering — as the gift it was always meant to be.

Relatable, funny, candid, Todd has written this book for those individuals, the ones who are looking for a heart-centered path to life fulfillment. It will inspire readers to access their own hearts, leading them from the unknown to the known, from darkness to light, and from fear to love as they walk their own paths of hope, happiness, and true transformation.

“I loved it and learned a lot. My general outlook on life is similar to what Tantra is offering. I am sure that I've got rough edges and deep-seated beliefs that could use some reflection and release. You summarize the Tantric path beautifully. 


I never really studied the verses of Amazing Grace. When you showed us what each verse was saying, I had an aha moment. There were so many quotes and poems that I loved as well. Your clear and honest writing style made it easy to read. Thank you for writing this book!”


- Marjory Stevens, student, Wakefield, RI

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