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Online Spiritual Life Mentoring
with Todd Norian

Transform Challenges Into Life-Enhancing Change

One-on-one online mentoring for those who seek deep and lasting spiritual changes in their life.

Is life happening to you or for you?

Life is like walking down the path with a pebble in one shoe. It’s never totally comfortable. There’s always some friction, discomfort, or resistance that draws our attention. Everyone goes through rough patches in life - it’s a natural part of how we grow on the spiritual path. What makes the biggest difference is how you interpret these challenges, your capacity to experience them, the space you give yourself to feel and be with them, and the meaning you assign them.

To live a fulfilling and meaningful life, you need support to get clear about the meaning you are making. When you’re blocked, attached, resistant, or in a negative headspace, your vision is cloudy. You can’t see the path ahead very clearly. This is the time to seek a clear perspective from someone you trust, from someone who cares and holds your highest good at heart, and from someone grounded in spiritual practices.

Are you happy in your life? Are you living on purpose? Are you fulfilling the dreams you carry in your heart? 


These are some of the questions Spiritual Life Mentoring will address. Todd is here to listen, offer loving support, help you gain clarity, and get more deeply connected to your heart – your own source of wisdom that already has all of the answers you need.

Todd’s goal is to help you make the shift from life happening to you, to life happening for you. These one-on-one meetings are a special opportunity to receive support in navigating the challenges of life throughout your journey.

Online Spiritual Life Mentoring:

One-on-one online mentoring for those who seek deep and lasting spiritual changes in their life.

From these personalized sessions with Todd you can expect to:

Be truly heard and given space to feel your feelings and speak your truth

Navigate particular situations, questions, or challenges with reflections from your truest self

Receive personalized insight from the teachings of tantra philosophy

Get guidance through truly feeling, understanding, and interpreting your current challenges

Feel supported in shifting your perspective on how this too can be for your awakening

Meet Your Mentor

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to offer this new, personalized, Spiritual Life Mentoring service.

Whether we know it or not, we’re all on a spiritual journey. Life is complex and offers all of us the opportunity to grow and make meaningful insights from each experience. Ever since I was very young, I’ve known that I’ve been on a spiritual journey.

I’ve lived through many challenges, setbacks, heartbreaks, breakdowns, and breakthroughs. And by grace, I’ve been able to come out the other side with more wisdom, courage, wholeness, and a heart full of gratitude!

Spiritual Life Mentoring gives me a chance to offer back my support and wisdom to hold space for others to find themselves, to return to their heart where they recognize that everything they need is already within them. Although we all know this is true, it can take the support of another caring individual to reflect back the truth of the gift of our being.

Yoga introduced me to the empowering philosophy of Tantra and a balanced lifestyle of exercise, healthy diet, asana, pranayama, meditation, conscious communication, and right livelihood. I cultivated a spiritual lifestyle of healthy practices sourced by my deep desire for a better way. This included a wholistic approach for the body, mind, and heart that has become refined and seasoned through decades of practice.

Book Your Spot

  • 60-Minute Mentoring

    1-on-1 Mentoring Session with Todd Norian (60 Minutes)
    • One 60-Minute Spiritual Life Mentoring Session
  • Mentoring with Todd

    Three 60-Minute 1-on-1 sessions with Todd Norian
    • 3 one-hour long spiritual life mentoring sessions
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