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Deepen your understanding and practice of the Ashaya Method
Embody the Five Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sky)
using The Four Essentials of Ashaya

Practice Ashaya Morning Sadhana consisting of
mantras, pranayama, meditation, and savasana

Explore the uplifting Tantric philosophy of supreme freedom

Ashaya Deepening

Our 38-hour immersion for those passionate about deepening their practice










This in-depth immersion focuses on harmonizing body, mind, and heart to go beyond happiness and thrive in all areas of life.

These three weekend workshops will help you solidify a vision for yourself and for living your dream. The absolute purpose for why you are here will be explored and discovered.

This experience includes a(n):

Introduction to the liberating Nondual Śaiva-Śākta Tantra philosophy.

Guided journey through embracing your shadow and light.

Morning Sadhana Practice of mantra, pranayama, and meditation.

Yoga Asana sessions based in the 5 Elements and the 4 Essentials of Ashaya Yoga.

Interactive, small and large group discussions.

This live-online course will take place over three weekends in 2023:

November 3-5

November 17-19

December 8-10


Last Day to Register is October 24th



Prerequisites for this Yoga Immersion:

The Ashaya Deepening is for all levels of practitioners and teachers from beginners to advanced, from all backgrounds of yogic and other spiritual traditions. Ashaya Yoga is uniquely designed with modifications to meet you where you’re at while inviting you to expand beyond previously held limits. If you have a sincere desire to learn, grow, and open your heart, you’ll thrive in this environment.


Those who desire to continue on with the Ashaya 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training, after completing their Ashaya Deepening course, are welcome to do so at an additional cost. 

What our past students have said about Ashaya Deepening....

Dawn Tucker

"From the Deepening Immersion, I have gained a renewed sense of self-acceptance."

Kathy Kerchner

"I have gained a community (kula) of heart followers and an opportunity to follow my desire to learn more about the Tantra Yoga philosophy with a master yogi!"

Lisa Uihlein

"This program is brilliantly designed."

Sign up today!

Register by
October 6
and save $70


(Regular Price $695)

Last Day to Register is October 24th

This Immersion is the first 38 hours of the Ashaya 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Want the full 200 Hour experience?
Visit our Yoga Teacher Training Page!

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