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Align Your Body

Discover your ideal blueprint of alignment. Increase your strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility.


Awaken Your Heart

Find your spiritual coordinates in life and access the depths of your creativity, passion, and joy.


Free Your Mind

Liberate yourself from worry, doubt, and the unhelpful chatter of your mind. Experience clear thinking and deep inner peace.

Explore Each Teaching of the Ashaya Teacher Training

Study and absorb the highest esoteric Tantric teachings about yoga and how to live a life of supreme freedom, joy, and fullness. Live fully. Love fully. Laugh fully.





Gain an in-depth understanding of Yoga Philosophy. Lessons from the Nondual Shaiva-Shakta Tantra and the Path of Radical Affirmation, will open you to: Embody the powerful spiritual understanding that everything in life is for your awakening. Replace anxiety with inner peace, serenity, and a feeling of calm by exploring and integrating your shadow so you can finally let go of self-limiting beliefs. Transform the negative energy of “victim consciousness” into the empowering path of “victory consciousness”.

Create a Daily Spiritual Practice Accountability in committing to your daily practice will establish your foundation for spiritual growth, allowing you to: Integrate a powerful set of morning practices of asana, mantra, pranayama, and meditation. Connect to the wisdom within, the universe, and the life-enhancing spiritual energy Shakti., Strengthen a relationship between your body, mind, and heart so you may become the Pillar of Peace for others in an endarkened world.

Align With the True Nature and Purpose of Your Heart An environment of consistent vulnerable reflection will help awaken your truest inner wisdom, opening you to: Honor your deepest desires and gifts allowing you to harness the deep satisfaction of living your authentic life. Develop a sense of purpose and Your North Star, a compass that guides you through the trials of life. Tap into your unlimited potential with the confidence that comes from naturally knowing who you are and living the life you want.




Support Your Growth With Advanced Therapeutic Alignment Scientific teachings in human anatomy and Ashaya Yoga’s Four Essentials, Open, Engage, Align, and Expand, will prepare you to: Shift and transform your body as you learn to align for the highest balance possible for you. Instruct and support others through your own lessons of integrated movement for mind, body, and heart. Harmonize and support the healing life-force within for a lifetime of strength, vitality, and diminish or completely eliminate pain.

Together We Will Guide You, Hold Space for You, and Support You. Powerful and authentic support and reflection from a community of fellow Heart Followers will give your newfound inspired path the chance to: Consciously thrive while challenging yourself to step up as a strong leader and contributor in your life, your community, and the world. Capture your highest expression while feeling supported as you free up damaging patterns and self-limiting beliefs. Practice expressing yourself authentically while developing your leadership skills and receive genuine feedback with love.

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